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[ # ] Daniel Kaluuya is a sock stealer
February 4th, 2020 under Graham Norton

Last week, Margot Robbie and Daniel Kaluuya were on The Graham Norton Show and they both admitted that they have stolen things.

The I, Tonya actress, told a story about how she stole her friend’s toilet paper and placed it in a Ralph Lauren bag. Then when she left the apartment, it was the first time she was photographed by the paparazzi. She was embarrassed, but you would never know that was in the bag that she is carrying in the photo.

That was a one-time deal for her, yet the same can not be said about the Black Panther star. He admitted that he takes socks from the set. He even revealed the pattern of how he does it. He goes in with his own socks and then production gives him a pair to wear for shooting. He does this for four days straight, then he stops for two weeks before he resumes his wicked ways again.

Why does he do it? Two reasons, the first being, “Shopping for socks is a waste of life.” The second one is, “Costume designers have better taste in socks than me. They’re always nice.” How nice? Check out the pair of stolen socks he wore for his guest appearance on the BBC show.

Now that his secret is out there, he better hope no one tells him to Get Out for his thievery of socks. Can you imagine the headlines? Daniel Kaluuya socked from his latest movie. Director socks it to Daniel Kaluuya. Daniel Kaluuya was caught red barefooted.


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