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May 15th, 2009 under Shonda Rhimes

Last night was the season finale and we were suppose find out if TR Knight and Katherine Heigl would be on the show next season. And guess what just like Lost and Private Practice, we know crap thanks to those wonderful things called cliffhangers. The George thing came out of left field, and I really liked how they handled that! What I didn’t like was we didn’t get to see him hit my bus, that would’ve been awesome! Seriously why didn’t they show that? When it comes to Izzie, I called that one yesterday, but George I thought was just going to to go off to war never to be seen again until TR realized what a mistake he made by leaving the show.
So are Izzie and George dead? Well show creator sat down with Michael Ausiello and told him…nothing. Ausiello rumored earlier that Shonda will wait until the last minute in June to make her decision and we will have to wait until September to find out what it is.
BTW I am beginning to think ABC stands for All Be Cliffhangers. I bet on Tuesday at the end of Dancing with the Stars they are going to be ready to announce the winner of the mirror ball trophy and the screen will go to white like it did on Lost and Grey’s Anatomy.,


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