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[ # ] Confirmed it is D-Day for Jon & Kate Gosselin
June 22nd, 2009 under DIscovery/TLC

Tonight on Jon & Kate Plus 8 on TLC at 9p we find out what Jon & Kate Gosselin’s big announcement is. The popular vote is that they are going to announce that they are getting a divorce. While others (like me) are thinking that the two are separating. Many have speculated the split since before this season even began especially since the tabs have claimed that both of them have been having affairs. Since the season premiere aired the two have not been photographed or seen together by the paparazzi. And to make matters worse Jon was rumored to be looking at apartments in Trump Plaza in NY last week. Maybe the family is moving to NY, but I doubt it.
So what do you think their big announcement is and do you even care anymore? Let’s just hope this isn’t a ploy by TLC to get viewers to watch the show because I don’t think any of us will be happy with them if they teased us all week that we were going to get an announcement and we get nothing.

UPDATE: According to People, the big announcement is that they are divorcing. Jon and Kate filed the paperwork to initiate a legal split at the Bucks County Courthouse in Reading, Pa., Monday afternoon. TLC must be so p!ssed that they filed before their big announcement.
Life & Style confirmed that Jon is moving to NYC. He will live their during the week and come home to spend time with the kids over the weekend. Hopefully the kids will get through this OK.


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