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[ # ] Curt Smith’s This is Christmas brings Tears of Joy!
November 28th, 2010 under Christmas Music, Tears For Fears

Tears for Fears’ Curt Smith is releasing his first original holiday song in his 30 year music career tomorrow and it is called This is Christmas. The background vocals features his two daughters Diva and Wilder, and a local school’s choir. The song doesn’t only have his family involved with it, but that is what it is about because here is how he described it, “an adult visiting his parents at Christmas and lamenting how he’s always made to feel like a child when he returns home. It culminates in his realization and acceptance that they’re family after all, and nothing will (or even should) change that.” Let’s be real we all know that no matter how old we get, when we go home we are like children all over again. Saying that everyone can relate to this future Christmas classic so download it at iTunes and Amazon starting tomorrow, or get an autograph copy via Curt Smith’s website.
And if listening to it on your computer or iPod isn’t enough, you will be able to hear it on December 15th on USA’s Psych. The show that Curt Smith made his acting debut on earlier in the year!
Lastly Smith will be playing several solo LA shows next year before touring with the Tears for Fears on the West Coast and South America. I know I am going to go see the man who sings my all time favorite song Mad World!!! And I mean the TFF version and not the others.


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