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[ # ] Craig Ferguson proves men are pigs!
July 31st, 2009 under Craig Ferguson

Yesterday on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, he brought up a bunch of the female audience members who were wearing sun dresses to open the show. Then he had one of his puppets make a comment and which one did he choose? The pig! Proving even he thinks all men are pigs!!!
Now Ferguson knowing he crossed the sexual harassment line, so he said that he would do the same on Friday’s show but with guys only in tight pants. Only one problem he pre-tapes his Friday shows so it wouldn’t be fair to us ladies. So midway through the show he brought up Randy and I don’t think it is as even keel as Craig’s think because we only got one guy. Do you agree?
BTW I love the way Craig interacts with the studio audience like and brings them up on stahe with him during the show. See what he does with them tonight on CBS at 12:35a on CBS because you know he will do something!!!


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