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[ # ] Courteney Cox moved out of a haunted house
February 9th, 2022 under Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox is starring in the supernatural dramedy Shining Vale which debuts March 6th on Starz. However, that series is fiction. In real life, she has had close encounters with spirits on multiple occasions.

The Friend sat down with Extra to promote her new show, and they asked her to tell one of her ghost stories. Cox used to live in a house on the top of Laurel Canyon, and everyone kept telling her the place was haunted. She didn’t believe them until a delivery man said that to her. Actually, the actress explained it as that when he told her that, she didn’t believe him. She asked him how he knew that, and he said that there was someone standing next to her. And with that, she moved out of the house. I can’t say I blame her. I would have done the same.

Cox has such a knack for attracting ghosts; she experiences them all over the World. Well, more specifically, she says she saw one in London just the other day. I have a feeling that Ed Sheeran had something to do with that one. But you never know. I am sure the dead love Friends as much as the living.

And hopefully, we will love Shining Vale just as much. To see the trailer, then


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