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[ # ] Could Paris Hilton be jail bound?
February 28th, 2007 under Paris Hilton

TMZ confirmed that Paris Hilton could face jail time for being pulled over by cops last night in West Hollywood. Seems that she violated her probation by driving with a suspended license and could face 90 days in jail. When Paris plead no contest for her DUI arrest in September, the DMV suspended her license, which makes sense which is why I don't understand why Elliot Mintz and her did not know that it was suspended. The Judge put her on probation for 36 months on the condition she obey the laws which she did not last night. So it will be interesting to see if a Judge will really send her to jail or will she get community service? 

So my question is, is if Paris and Nicole Richie both do jail time together is that an automatic season of The Simple Life for E!? As Paris would say That would be hot!


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