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[ # ] Corey Feldman says he was not given the all clear from his stabbing
April 4th, 2018 under The Two Coreys
Last week, Corey Feldman was stabbed by a sharp object in the stomach, possibly a syringe. A few days after the attack, there were reports that he was clean and clear of any poisons and/or disease. He says that is not true and he still has to wait six months to find out if he could be HIV+. He says he was offered meds to prevent the HIV from starting in his system, if he was injected with it, but he refused that course of action because he does not want to be sick for a month.

In the video message, he also states that Wolfpack is after him. They have been threatening him, his family and fans, so much so he is afraid to leave the house. He feels that he needs more security to protect him. That is where you come in. He would appreciate any money you can send him to hire more security, but he is not asking you for it directly.

Another thing he says is that he wants to do a documentary about all of the harassment he has been getting since he came forward with his truth. He says there is a lot of proof of the threats. All he wanted to do was tell the story of the person who raped his best friend.

Feldman’s wife also said she is scared for their lives because of these threats and they need to feel more secure.

Needless to say, he is not going to let what happened last week go away quietly. Even though it sounds like authorities believe it was a random road rage attack.


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