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[ # ] Corbin Bersen’s fitting tribute to his mom!
June 17th, 2013 under TV Soaps

Yesterday at the Daytime Emmy Awards Corbin Bersen paid tribute to his mom before the In Memoriam segment. He channeled Jeanne Cooper’s essence when he cursed not one but twice in that speech. The proud son said she was with them in the audience, “If you listen very carefully you know exactly what she is saying, ‘Oh sh!t! I’m on the Memoriam list, the Memoriam list, the dreaded Memoriam list?” Then he added, that someone would have to tell her, “‘Calm down, take a deep breath, they’re just trying to pay honor to you…’ That is when she would sort of retreat, step back and get small again, and in that little whisper she had, ‘I guess that’s OK, I mean there’s always the alternative. At least I made the f*cking list!” To which the audience responded with laughter and tears in their eyes because that is how they remember the woman that graced The Young and The Restless for 40 years.
Corbin apologized for his cursing, and explained that was his mother talking and not him. If that is not the f*cking perfect tribute, I don’t know what is?


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