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[ # ] Conan O’Brien reaches a $45 million deal with NBC
January 21st, 2010 under Conan O'Brien

Two weeks ago it was rumored that Jay Leno’s 10p show was cancelled and he would be moving back to his old timeslot of 11:35p thus leaving Conan’s future up in the air. Now we finally know what is going to happen to NBC’s Late Night, Conan O’Brien will leave The Tonight Show after signing a $45 million deal to exit. According to MSNBC Conan will get $33 million with his staff will get $12 million in severance, he will be allowed to return to TV in September (if anyone still wants him by then) and finally it is rumored that there was “non-disparagement clause” in the deal. I think the last one is the cruelest one, to ask a talk show host not make fun of the people, that well, f*cked him up the a$$.
So who are the biggest winners from this deal, Jimmy Fallon who will now get more viewers due Jay’s return (to find out he is not funny) and Carson Daly who gets to keep his show at 1:35a. Yes Carson is still on the air, that was the biggest thing we learned from the late night fiasco.
Tomorrow is Conan’s last day with NBC and Jay Leno will be back to his 11;35p on March first, hopefully Leno will book Will Ferrell as his first guest!!!
Now back to the other hosts, it is getting really bitter between Jay Leno and the other guy he forced out of a job…David Letterman. The two of them are now going below the belt to bash the other one, which makes me happy that the only two late night shows I watch are Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson!


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