Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Conan had a live circumcision on their show yesterday!!!
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[ # ] Conan had a live circumcision on their show yesterday!!!
December 3rd, 2014 under Conan O'Brien

The CDC announced that there are more benefits to being circumcised than keeping the foreskin. Since Conan O’Brien is all about public service, he had one of his uncircumcised audience members get that corrected live on the show. That’s right they performed a Bris on the air, although they used doctors instead of a Moal. How do you think it went? Well, let’s just say the anesthesiologist didn’t show up. I am a woman and even I felt his pain.
If you want to see the explanation about why that guy is all wet, then

It just wasn’t his day. Although even after getting sliced, he is the still bigger than Conan, who eluded to the fact that he is just 2″ during last night’s monologue! I thought that joke was so funny, but then again I think almost everything O’Brien does and says is funny!


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