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[ # ] Collects Hollywood Treasure and Haunted Collectors tonight!
June 1st, 2011 under Syfy

Tonight at 9p Syfy will debut Haunted Collector and you are going to want to collect this show. John Zaffris and his team go into people’s houses and try to find out what objects are haunting their house. While most shows like this look for ghosts, this one looks for objects. It is really cool to watch them try to find out if a typewriter (the thing that people used before computers to tpye letters) or dolls are haunting the people that now own them. In the first case they find a box under the house, and what is in it will explain why the residents have been experiencing the paranormal at their house. I really enjoyed this take on haunted shows and I know you will too.
After this show make sure to stay on Syfy to watch Hollywood Treasures. If you are like me and love old Hollywood, you are going to love this show! Jim Manning is contacted by people who have iconic items from Hollywood history that for different reasons are ready to part with them and put them up for auction. So Jim goes in, assess their worth and puts them up for auction. It is not only interesting to see what people have, like the Wicked Witch’s hat from The Wizard of Oz or dolls from James and the Giant Peach, but to see what they go for. For me this show is so enjoyable to watch because how often do you get to see Hollywood History in the present day. It is just mind blowing to me to see all of these items out of the movies and in people’s houses. Plus it is crazy how much people will pay for them. So sit back and watch to see what treasures they find this season and how much they go for.


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