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[ # ] Chucky got the nuke codes
March 21st, 2024 under Chucky

I always wondered who would be the scariest person to have the nuke codes. And then in 2016, I realized it was Donald Trump. I still feel that way.

However, today, I found out who would be the second scariest, and that person is Chucky.

Starting on April 10th on Syfy and USA, the aging and dying Chucky wants to make sure that his name will live on long after he is dead.

So he is going to turn the White House blood red. And then, when he is done, he is going to try to set off the nuclear bomb.

Will he be stopped before it’s too late? There are two ways for us to find out. The first will be watching the second half of the third season. However, we might know sooner than that. How? If Syfy renews the Horror series for a fourth season. And I would be shocked if they didn’t.


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