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[ # ] Chris Pratt’s message to online haters is perfect!
February 24th, 2015 under Chris Pratt

Tonight at 8p on NBC, Parks and Recreation is saying goodbye to Pawnee and us. Chris Pratt, has been with the much loved show since day one, but there are people out there who don’t have a love for television shows. Those people are so full of hate, that one of the things they love to do is go online and make their opinions heard.
Recently at NBC’s TCA Winter Press Day promoting Parks & Rec’s series finale, when Pratt was asked if he had any advice for people working on new shows; he has this to say:

Advice you could give to those new shows is don’t read comments because it doesn’t mean anything. Faster is funnier and don’t be afraid to be sentimental. But don’t read the f*cking comments and what everyone thinks. It doesn’t f*cking matter. It really doesn’t, and if you change your vision to try to fit what some jackass online thinks or some group of fucking nitwits think as they’re f*cking jerking off writing comments you’re going to f*cking lose your vision. So screw everybody who writes comments. Don’t read them. It’s just a crazy, toilet bowl that you stick your head in and you flush down for as long as you want to waste time, but if you have time to read comments, you should be rewriting your jokes. Don’t read comments. Faster is funnier, and don’t be afraid to be sentimental…I think you can say whatever you want.

I say, you go boy!
I’ve loved him ever since Everwood, but that was him as an actor. In recent years we have gotten to know him as a man, and what a cool man he is. He is real and doesn’t play the game. But the game he does play is brilliant and that is why he is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars right now. You can’t find a reason to hate him. Even the people he is talking about can’t hate him.
When it comes to what he is saying about online haters, it is OK to say your peace online. But then there are people who truly get off on being an anonymous bullies. You know the types?
Those people are the ones that no one should listen to because they just like being mean to be mean.
When it comes to producers changing their visions because of online haters. Sometimes, I am sorry to say, there is truth to what they are saying. Who else thinks that their voice was heard when they watched the season finale of Sleepy Hollow last night.
There is a difference between constructive advice and being d!ck to be a d!ck.
Now back to the actor who is anything but a d!ck make sure to check out Chris Pratt and the rest of Indiana’s Park and Recreation Department tonight as they end their comedy the same way they started it 6 years ago, by laughing until it hurts.


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