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[ # ] Cher sings I Got You Bae with James Corden
October 21st, 2016 under Cher, James Corden

It has been over a half century since I Got You Babe came out and James Corden decided to modernize the song with Cher. Yesterday on The Late Late Show they sang I Got You Bae and I think it can be an instant hit for the Millennials. It is totally in their language.
But how did the huge hit, that we still sing today, come about? Cher told the CBS late night host that Sonny Bono would write music for them to sing all the time. He woke her one night to see how it sounded and she wasn’t impressed. So unimpressed, she went back to sleep when she was done. Thankfully it was still a dream song for Bono and the rest is musical history.
That song wasn’t the only song she was underwhelmed about, she also revealed she didn’t like Turn Back Time when she first heard it. Songwriter Dianne Warren, who wrote it, was willing to pay Cher to sing and that was all the convincing she needed. Imagine if she didn’t, we would have to Turn Back Time to convince her to do it. Otherwise it would be next week on Timeless… Shhhh, I know that is completely opposite of the NBC show, but play along with me. Is that too much to ask for when Quantum Leap was cancelled before its time. We need a new time traveling show where they can change the past and travel back to a time in their own lifetime to make it work.


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