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[ # ] Chasing Life’s season premiere moved up over a month
June 5th, 2015 under Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell

Chasing Life was supposed to debut its second season on August 17th, but ABC Family decided to move up their premiere date to July 6th. Not only will the show be airing over a month earlier, it will be airing even later at 10p. If I am correct, this is the first ABC Family drama to air in that timeslot.
What does this means? I am not sure. I am pretty sure it is the network’s way of saying they have a lot faith in this powerful, important show that is unlike anything on television and should be watched by anyone who understands what the word cancer means.
In my mind, I would like to think the network is making this bold move because they want to the Emmy voters to pay attention and watch this show that is deserving of the gold statuettes. I seriously cannot praise it enough. If you haven’t seen it, then catch up on it now on Netflix. You have a month and a day to watch the intense 22 episodes that will make you laugh and cry at that same time.
Back to season 2, I recently spoke with several cast members and the Executive producer about Chasing Life and what we can expect after Leo asked April (Italia Ricci) to marry him in the hospital as she awaits her bone marrow transplant from her half-sister at the end of the gut-wrenching, give this show every award episode.


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