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[ # ] CBS saves HIMYM and kills Jericho, Close to Home and The Class
May 15th, 2007 under CBS, How I Met Your Mother, Jericho

Variety is reporting that CBS has picked up How I Met Your Mother and Ghost Whisperer!!! But I lost The Class, Jericho and Close to Home! Yay I am proud that the old timers at CBS saw through their thick bifocal glasses and renewed a show that attracts younger viewers and one they don't get. I am also happy that they renewed Ghost Whisperer because it is a feel good family show that makes you cry and knows how to incorporate the net with the show! 
I am so pIssed at them for cancelling Jericho, the show ended in an Angel like cliffhanger. It literally ended with Jericho and New Bern going to war and the first shots were being fired when credits came on the screen. So us loyal viewers are left in the lurch not knowing what was going to happen because that was going to be told in the second season. I just knew it was a goner, but that season (series) finale really made me want to know what happened. Hopefully the producers will post something and let us know. Both The Class and Close Home grew on me and sadly both of those shows are gone too.
Why do I continue to watch CBS when they keep canceling what I watch on their network. Dang you CBS! I am still not over them canceling Early Edition, can't you tell.

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