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[ # ] CBS and Murphy Brown are no longer Happy Together
November 28th, 2018 under CBS

CBS announced today when Fam with Nina Dobrev will debut and when Man With a Plan will be back.

Fam premieres on Thursday, January 10th at 9:30p and it replaces Murphy Brown which will not be back for a second season. Then on Jauney 31st, Life with Pieces will take over that slot. Joking on the last line, but Fam is the worst sitcom in a really really really long time. It is painfully unfunny and I love sitcoms. Even the ones that the critics all rip a new one. Therefore, when I say a comedy is awful, it is horrendous for everyone else.

When it comes to Murphy Brown, I write this while watching the original run of the show on Antenna TV. The revival started out way too political and it was a turn-off. It slowly eased off of that topic but it was too late. CBS should have limited their dated humor and the show would be back.

On that note, Man with a Plan will be back on Monday, February 11th replacing Happy Together. This decision does not make me happy. I love Happy Together and I am sad it will not be back. Personally, I thought it was much better than The Neighborhood.

Am I the only one sad about Murphy Brown and Happy Together getting cancelled?

UPDATE: Murphy Brown creator, Diane English, says the sitcom could be back. She wrote, “Murphy Brown fans. We are NOT CANCELED!!!!! Several entertainment sites read a mid season schedule put out by CBS that did not have our show on it and the assumption was made that we were not renewed. Our order, at our request was 13 eps. We look forward to a second season.”



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