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Uwe Boll admits his movie is a piece of sh!t!
April 18th, 2008 under Uwe Boll. [ Comments: 1 ]

Finally Uwe Boll admits his movie is a piece of a sh!t and he is a f*cking idiot! Now if only we could get Stop Uwe Boll from making movies the world would be a better place! The petition is currently at 200,000 signatures we only need 800,000 more, so sign it and get your friends to do so!!!


Uwe Boll is a f*cking idiot
April 9th, 2008 under Eli Roth, Uwe Boll. [ Comments: 3 ]

Yes Uwe Boll said he is a f*cking r*tard, but mentally challenged people are better than him so I will not lower them to his level.
As if he is a the only genius in Hollywood, that is why he is making Razzie movies in Germany. Has anyone seen BloodRayne, I would not make worst enemy see that piece of sh!t. Dudes it is one of the movies where you wonder how much worse it can get every few minutes and it doesn’t disappoint…well you know what I mean.
So how dare he go off on Eli Roth, Eli’s (or Elle as Uwe calls him) Cabin Fever was released in 2001 and that movie paved the way for him to be able to release the never-ending dreck House of Dead in 2003.
Here is what Eli Roth posted on his blog in retaliation:

“That is just further proof of what a genius Sasha Baron Cohen is. That’s his best character yet!”

Eli hit it on the nose there, Uwe Boll is a joke!
Seriously can that guy be any angrier? What is his problem? Oh yeah he sat through his own movies a lot of times, that is enough to make anyone that stark raving mad.
So please sign the petition to Stop Uwe Boll, we only need 850,000 more signatures. Let’s do something positive for the world and stop him from making movies!

UPDATE: Here is Michael Bay’s response to the video:

I find people who rant like that – calling shit about both me, and George Clooney – comes from someone screaming because he is not being heard. He is obviously a sad being.
When you ask “do I care”? Not in the slightest.


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