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Tom Brady ripped his pants during a charity golf game!
May 25th, 2020 under Sports figures, Uncategorized. [ Comments: 1 ]

Some say Tom Brady is one of the greatest living football players. However, the same cannot be said about his golf game.

Yesterday, the quarterback took a different green for charity, and he got ripped on by Charles Barkley and a few others! So much so, his pants decided to rip on him too or as he says, “Pants wanted in on social distancing I guess…”

Who knew Brady was funny? I always think of him as someone who should have been a tight end because he is one.


Learn the Dos and Don’ts of the Casino
May 21st, 2020 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

So, you’ve decided to book a trip to the Casino. First off, good for you. Whether you’re heading for the bright lights of the Vegas strip or planning a casino visit closer to home, you’re in for a treat. Casinos offer you the chance to play and win real money on hundreds of table games and slot machines.

But if this is going to be your first time in a real casino, you’ve probably got a few questions. For instance, how much money should you take? Do you need to dress to impress, or will casual clothes cut it? Will you be allowed to bring your camera? And is it true you have to tip the dealers?

Luckily for you, we have the answers to all these questions and more. Just check our infographic. Put together with the help of the experts from bgo, it covers all the major dos and don’ts of playing in the casino.


The Good Fight cast is our Sunshine today
May 13th, 2020 under CBS All Access, Uncategorized. [ Comments: 1 ]

The Good Fight cast cannot shoot scenes together because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but they did find something they can film as one. The actors got together with the creators of the CBS All Access show and sang Gene Autry’s You Are My Sunshine on Zoom. Bringing some much-needed sunshine into our lives.

Were they perfect? Nope. Then again, it is hard for most people to measure up to Christine Baranski and Audra McDonald’s voices. However, that doesn’t matter, what matters is the joy they are spreading with this song.


Five versions of Blackjack that will inspire love for the classic game
May 12th, 2020 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Blackjack has long been popular among casino regulars. The classic card game is seen as a casino staple, and whether you play online or in a brick-and-mortar establishment, chances are you enjoy a few hands of Blackjack every now and then. It’s seen as the perfect game for those who desire a game where the focus is on strategy – of knowing when to stick and when to twist.

Perhaps you’re more comfortable in the confines of the Roulette tables, or pulling the lever (physical or virtual) on the slot machines. Well, you may be missing out on some great online casino and Blackjack games, which have just as much potential to entertain as those other two games mentioned. Here, we run through five online versions of Blackjack that will make the old card game a firm favourite in no time at all.

Blackjack UK

If you’re new to the world of online Blackjack, then Blackjack UK is the perfect place to start to get a feel for what makes the game so beloved among casino fans. This one is about as classic as it gets, and the aim is simple: to beat the dealer by getting a total score closest to 21 without exceeding that limit. Blackjack UK offers the game in its most traditional format, which is perfect for forming a basis on which you can build your Blackjack expertise.

All Bets Blackjack

Once you’ve mastered the basics of the game, you can move on to more innovative versions, such as All Bets Blackjack. Here, you’ll find the classic aspects of the game but with the addition of more ways to bet and, as a result, more ways to win. This can include doubling your bet before you take your third card, or buying an ‘insurance’ policy if you think the dealer may have Blackjack. All Bets Blackjack is perfect for building on your existing strategies and becoming a top Blackjack player.

Blackjack Surrender

For the more discerning player, Blackjack Surrender is the perfect game for those who wish to minimise their losses while playing, implementing a strategy to ensure they make the most of their playing time. Here, the main addition is the surrender feature, whereby a player can choose to forfeit their hand in a return for a percentage of their initial bet. This is perfect if you have that intuitive feeling that the dealer may be hiding a Blackjack.

Blackjack Switch

Along a similar line is Blackjack Switch, but instead of giving you the chance to surrender your hand, you get an extra hand with which to play in the first place, thus maximising your chances of victory. There are various other differences to this game which will enhance your experience, namely the fact that scoring a Blackjack pays out at 1/1 rather than the standard 3/2, so there’s every reason to give this one a go.

Lucky Lucky Blackjack

We end our online Blackjack odyssey with Lucky Lucky Blackjack, a game that encapsulates all the classic features of Blackjack while adding the thrill of an exciting bonus bet. When you place the Lucky Lucky bonus bet, you’ll be in line for a whopping pay out if your two cards and the dealer’s up card make up one of a variety of different outcomes. This could lead to a big windfall, particularly if the three cards represent three suited sevens, as you’ll score a win of 200x your bet. If that doesn’t whet your appetite for Blackjack, we don’t know what will!


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