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Hot in Cleveland sizes up Craig Ferguson and Tim Daly’s stones!
September 10th, 2014 under Sean Hayes, Tim Daly. [ Comments: none ]

Craig Ferguson and Tim Daly are going to guest star on Hot in Cleveland tonight and they have a very important question for Joy (Jane Leeves). Besides asking her to marry them, the two actors want to know whose rock is bigger! Although I am not sure which rock they are talking about because it seemed like they were talking more about their royal jewels as compared to royal jewel in their hands. Hopefully Joy will get that appraised for us on the season finale tonight at 10p on TV Land.


Tim Daly does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from an ice bucket!
August 29th, 2014 under ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Tim Daly. [ Comments: none ]

Tim Daly finally decided to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and he did it differently than anyone else. He actually stuck his head through an ice bucket on the set of his new CBS show Madame Secretary, and had the ice poured on top of him. He definitely earned his wings for this!


Tim Daly makes sure there will never ever be a Wings reunion
May 31st, 2012 under Awesome Videos, Tim Daly. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know where I have been, but did you know there were talks to do a Wings reunion? Something I have been waiting for 15 long years. But sadly it isn’t going to happen and Tim Daly aka Joe Hackett made sure it stays that way. Where is Monk, I mean Antonio Scarpacci when you really need him?
On a positive note I have been wondering what happened to Steven Weber and now we know. Well sort of… At least he is all over the Hollywood scene.


Aren’t Nathan Fillion and Tim Daly too old for Underoos?
February 22nd, 2012 under ABC, Nathan Fillion, Tim Daly. [ Comments: 4 ]

Nathan Fillion and Tim Daly are two of the voices for the animated video Justice League: Doom, so I am assuming the two ABC actors decided to dress up as the characters that sound like them to promote it. As much as I like would like to see the Castle and the Private Practice stars in their underwear, I think I could’ve gone without seeing them in their Underoos. Not that they look bad in them, I just envisioned them is something different. But I guess for now this fantasy could work.
BTW you can hear them as Green Lantern and Superman in Justice League: Doom when it comes on out February 28th
xoxo Ayn!


Tim Daly is too old for that look
December 8th, 2010 under Shonda Rhimes, Tim Daly. [ Comments: 1 ]

Tim Daly went out yesterday with a faux hawk and to me the 54 year old actor is too old for that look. I think the Private Practice star is a good looking guy, but a hair cut with one big Wing isn’t working for him.


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