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Blue’s Clues’ Steve Burns singing is as calming as him
August 15th, 2022 under Steve Burns. [ Comments: none ]

Everyone loves Steve Burns from Blue’s Clues. He is the calm during the storm.

We know he can sing because the theme song from Young Sheldon is his. That’s right, Mighty.

Little Man is his.

Today, he gave us a different version of his singing as he performed Nick Drake’s From the Morning.

I am having computer issues, and this song was able to destress me. At least until my monitor went. But thankfully, a member in my Buy Nothing group is lending me one until my computer company finally sends the parts. Namaste. And join Buy Nothing.

I am going to listen to Steve Burns sing again.


BTWF: Steve Burns in Law & Order
November 17th, 2021 under Before They Were Famous, Dick Wolf, Steve Burns. [ Comments: none ]

Before Steve Burns was solving the clues on Blue Clues, the detectives on Law & Order needed the clues to figure out what killed him. The 21-year-old gave a great performance back in that 1995 episode.


Steve Burns proves we need an adult version of Blue’s Clues
November 16th, 2021 under Steve Burns. [ Comments: none ]

Steve Burns joined TikTok yesterday and posted a video that proves we still need him as adults.

It is just him sitting there, listening to what we have to say with the caption that reads, “I’m just giving you the attention we both know you deserve.”

I didn’t know I needed that until I saw it on my For You Page. It was for me. And it is for you too. I just hope he knows we are here for him too.

I also hope some network gives him a show because we all need his positivity now as we needed it back when he hosted Blue’s Clues. Why can’t we as adults enjoy and learn from him again? There is no reason that we can’t. So, please, some adult, give him a show for us. The World would be a better place because of it.


Watch the three Blues’ Clues hosts sing a song together
September 13th, 2021 under Nickelodeon, Steve Burns. [ Comments: none ]

It is a brand new week, and we need something to start it off on a positive note. So, here are several positive notes to do that as Blue’s Clues’ Steve (Burns), Joe (Donovan Patton), and Josh (Dela Cruz) sing You Can’t Spell Blue without YOU.

What brought them all together? The show’s 25th anniversary, which was last week.

Can you believe that it has been that long since they started turning our blues into happiness? I can’t! Because I still feel like that kid watching the show.

I won’t grow up! And moments like this prove I don’t have to. Right, Steve, Joe, and Josh?


Steve from Blue’s Clues consoles Stephen Colbert
September 10th, 2021 under Stephen Colbert, Steve Burns. [ Comments: none ]

This week, we got to see Steve Burns from Blue’s Clues again after a really long time, and we have had all the feels ever since. No one, more than Stephen Colbert. So, yesterday on The Late Show, Steve gave Stephen a comforting hug, and I am so jealous.

We all need Burns’ warmth and comfort after the last year and a half. Thankfully, we are getting it when we need it the most.

He is the millennials Mr. Rogers, and we need more people like both of them in the World.


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