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Imagine Brad Pitt as John Lennon?
January 7th, 2011 under Brangelina, The Beatles. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from WireImage)

Imagine Brad Pitt as John Lennon, I wonder if you can…because I can’t but that might be what we will have to do. According to Daily Express Angelina Jolie’s man is considering starring in a biopic about The Beatle so much so he reportedly talked to Yoko Ono about it. A source told the mag, “Brad already has a writer working on the script. And Yoko has given the project her blessing so long as it’s true to John’s life. Brad wants to do all the singing himself and plans to take voice lessons. If he can’t pull it off they’ll use John’s own voice. Brad has also been immersing himself in videos and books so he can get Lennon’s mannerisms down pat.”
I like Brad Pitt, but he is 7 years older than when Lennon was taken away from us and I think he is too old for the role. Plus he looks nothing like the man who wanted us to Give Peace a Chance. So I might not be able to Imagine it, but can you?


Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr play Radio City together again!!!
July 8th, 2010 under The Beatles. [ Comments: none ]

Ringo Starr turned 70, yes the big 7-0, and to celebrate he played Radio City Music Hall with his All Starrs! The biggest All Star came out during the second encore to wish him a very special happy birthday and that was his former bandmate Paul McCartney! The two surviving Beatles jammed to their hit Birthday and what a f*cking performance it was. The 68 year old and the birthday boy were playing like it was 1968 and not 2010. Seriously they were totally moving like they did when they were fab four. I can seriously watch that performance over and over again because it was that f*cking awesome. Just like I wish I was alive to have seen The Beatles play live, I wish I was there yesterday to see just that one song in person. Seriously wow!
BTW Paul McCartney wasn’t the only surprise from his Beatles past, John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono joined him to sing Give Peace a Chance and good to see that they are giving peace a chance.


EMI sells Abbey Road Studios
February 16th, 2010 under The Beatles. [ Comments: 1 ]

EMI is selling off Abbey Road Studios, the place The Beatles made legendary according to ITN. The record label is parting ways with the landmark because they need the money. Too bad Paul McCartney lost half his fortune to Heather Mills, who reportedly pissed almost all of her divorce settlement in two years, otherwise he probably would’ve been able to buy it. Hopefully whoever buys it turns Abbey Road Studios into a museum and doesn’t destroy the place.


Where is John Lennon’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star?
December 22nd, 2009 under The Beatles. [ Comments: none ]

Beatlestweet noticed that John Lennon’s star is missing from its spot on The Hollywood Walk of Fame and it was replaced by a black plastic bag. LAist speculates that it might be being replaced because of damage it has suffered since being placed there in 1988 or it could be because the HWoF is getting ready for the addition of fellow Beatles’ member Ringo Starr’s star. Some others speculate it might’ve been stolen, but let’s be real that is not an easy thing to steal. Although it has happened 4 times in the past, 3 of the times were during construction and only once was a star sawed out of its spot and that was Gregory Pecks. In order to prevent that they added surveillance camera to make sure it doesn’t happen again, but maybe they missed a spot? Either way it is a big mystery what happened to John Lennon’s star, but hopefully it will be solved soon.

UPDATE: Ana Martinez from The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce just Tweeted this update on the star, “Yes, as a gift to fans, we moved John Lennon’s star next to George Harrison’s and Ringo’s will be there soon 2. Just waiting for Paul now!” It would be nice to some day have the 4 Beatles reunited for an eternity on The Hollywood Walk of Fame…that is if Paul McCartney gets his star and as long that HWoF exists!


Disney set to destroy, I mean remake Yellow Submarine
September 11th, 2009 under Stupid Sequels/Remakes, The Beatles. [ Comments: none ]

In one of the saddest remakes to date and there have been some really sad one, Disney announced that they are remaking Yellow Submarine according to MTV’s Movie Blog. The 3D movie will be directed by Robert Zemeckis, who also worked on the animated movies The Polar Express and the upcoming A Christmas Carol. Here is how is planning on destroying it…

The “new voyage to Pepperland” will include all 16 Beatles songs featured in the original film. Sounds an awful lot like it’s going to be a (fairly) straight remake of the original, in which The Beatles set off on a voyage to save the undersea kingdom of Pepperland from the nefarious Blue Meanies. I’m honestly not sure whether to feel thrilled or mortified.

Yellow Submarine is all about The Beatles, how do remake their movie with half of them no longer with us. Such a sacrilege. So wrong. Too bad John Lennon is too peaceful to haunt Zemeckis and convince him not to touch the classic, but maybe George isn’t as nice?


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