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Did Snoop Dogg really give up the ‘smoke’?
November 20th, 2023 under Snoopy. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, Snoop Dogg announced that he was giving up “smoke,” and we assumed he meant pot.

But I felt like there was some promotional thing behind his announcement, and I was right.

The Rapper revealed today that he switched to the smokeless Solo Stove for his backyard fire pit.

And we have to say to him is that is a shiznit thing to do. Uncool, dude. Super uncool.


Snoopy is getting a New Year’s Eve special on Apple TV+
October 4th, 2021 under Apple TV+, Snoopy. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since we were kids, we spent Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with the Peanuts. This year, we can add New Year’s Eve to the mix because Charlie Brown and the gang are getting an NYE special called For Auld Lang Syne. It will premiere globally on Friday, December 10 on Apple TV+.

In the special, after the Peanuts gang experience a disappointing Christmas because Grandma can’t visit, Lucy resolves to throw herself the best New Year’s Eve party ever, while Charlie Brown struggles to accomplish just one of his resolutions before the clock strikes twelve.

If you are like me and you are already in the holiday mood, then you can watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and A Charlie Brown Christmas on the streaming service now.


Do dogs watch Snoopy?
March 8th, 2021 under Apple TV+, Snoopy. [ Comments: none ]

Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang have been on our television since 1965. Ever since then, people who walk on two legs have been watching and enjoying him. But what about those who walk on four legs as he does?

Since Apple TV+ just beautifully revived the series, they asked that very question. Several masters sent in videos of their best friends watching the black and white animated dog. Did the puppies enjoy it? They all think the show is wooferful.

I tried to get my cat to watch, but all she wanted to do was eat Woodstock, the bird. Maybe I should not have bought her stuffed animal that looks him to destroy?

Seriously, whether you are a fan of Snoopy or not, you will love The Snoopy Show. They did an excellent job of bringing him to life again.


The Snoopy Show is a pretty new take with that old feel
February 6th, 2021 under Apple TV+, Snoopy. [ Comments: none ]

Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang have been around for 70 years. However, they are not too old for a new take. Therefore, Apple TV+ has brought the popular comic strip back for six new beautiful episodes. Each episode of The Snoopy Show includes three different stories.

Within one minute of the first episode, I was in love again with Snoopy and his friends Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Franklin, Schroeder, Peppermint Patty, and Woodstock. That is because it is so pretty. I am not a fan of modern computerized animation like that stuff that is done for Disney these days because I think it looks so cheap. The Snoopy Show makes the old hand-drawn animation look smooth and flawless. It is a cleaner version of what we have known. Like I said, pretty.

The stories are new, but it has that old Snoopy feel that we have loved for seven decades and counting. There is a reason why they have stood the test of time and are so beloved.

The Snoopy Show is a perfect tribute to their long-honored tradition. It has something for fans of all generations. The only thing missing was the teacher speak. As much as I miss that, I love and adored everything else about it. It makes me feel like a kid all over again. I am sure it will do the same for you too.

Whether you have been a fan of the Peanuts since you were a kid, or this will be the first time you are watching them, I promise you are going to enjoy all 18 stories that are out now on Apple TV+


Is Josh Groban auditioning to be Lucy from Peanuts?
January 2nd, 2018 under Josh Groban, Snoopy. [ Comments: none ]

Josh Groban was seen sitting behind a psychiatry stand like the one that Lucy van Pelt uses in the Peanuts comic strip; so is he auditioning for her part in the live-action version of the movie that is not coming out? Most likely not, but he did admit that he is “also a client.” I wonder what type of advice Lucy would give him? What would tell him to do if you were the psychiatrist-in-training?

If they do make the live-action Peanuts movie and he gets the part of Lucy, then maybe his dog can play Snoopy?


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