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Office Space is 10 years old!
February 25th, 2009 under Movies, Ron Livingston. [ Comments: 2 ]

I can’t believe that one of the best movies ever made, that can be watched over and over again and never get old, is 10 years old!
I can still remember going to see Office Space and thinking what a great movie it was and I just saw it on cable a few weeks ago and thought it is still just as good!
My favorite part of that reunion was when they were all smashing the computer! How many times have you wished since you saw that movie that you could go to a field and smash a computer or a fax that just wouldn’t work? I know I have and have pictured that scene when my computer froze on me or my printer wouldn’t print!
So in honor of Office Space turning 10, steal one of your co-worker’s staplers to see if they will have the same reaction as Milton!!! Not burn down the building like reaction though!!! I still can’t believe that was Stephen Root!
BTW if you haven’t seen Office Space, what the heck are you waiting for…go rent it, better yet buy it now because you will be like everyone else and watch it over and over and over again! You know, cause I never met anyone how didn’t love this movie!!!
And did I mention how absolutely adorable Ron Livingstone is in this movie! I have wanted a guy like him ever since with that I-couldn’t-give-a-crap attitude!!!


Standoff is finally back on Friday!!!
June 5th, 2007 under Fox, Ron Livingston. [ Comments: none ]

(phot from Peter Iovino/FOX) 
After months of being held captive by Fox, Standoff was finally set free and will be back on their schedule this Friday at 9p.  Ever since Office Space, I just love Ron Livingston so it is so nice to have him on TV once a week. Hopefully he will find another show soon! And BTW Standoff is a fun show, so if you haven't seen it before check it out on Friday at 9p!

Fox is holding Standoff hostage until June
March 27th, 2007 under Fox, Ron Livingston. [ Comments: none ]

According to Broadcasting & Cable Fox has decided to hold Standoff hostage until June. The show was suppose to come back Friday, April 6th at 8p, but Fox has decided instead to stay with House repeats in that timeslot. Even though Fox is airing the first season of House on Fridays, I think they need to be careful not to over air the show.
Fox has said that Ron Livingston's show is not canceled, and its fate for next season has not been decided. But let's be real the writing is the wall and this hostage negotiation went very badly.

6 more for Standoff and ‘Til Death!!!
November 16th, 2006 under Fox, Ron Livingston. [ Comments: none ]

Fox is sticking by "’Til Death" and "Standoff," ordering additional episodes of both frosh skeins. Net has given the go-ahead to nine more episodes of Brad Garrett laffer "Death" and six more segs of procedural drama "Standoff." Skeins are the first — and likely only — Fox frosh to be extended beyond their initial 13 seg commitments. "Death," from Sony Pictures Television, has struggled against tough competish Thursdays at 8 p.m. Fox execs believe the show might yet attract an audience and are hoping the return of "American Idol" and "24" will give it a boost. "Standoff," from 20th Century Fox TV, has also posted underwhelming Nielsen numbers. Still, skein has shown more of a pulse than Fox’s other frosh dramas, "Vanished" and "Justice." Fox opted to order six episodes of "Standoff" rather than the usual nine because, with "Idol" and "24," net believes it won’t have a need for more segs, a spokesman said.

Variety (story) and Fox (photo)

You know I love Ron Livingston and Standoff, but don’t tell anyone I also really like ‘Til Death. If you have not seen ‘Til Death check it out tonight on Fox!


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