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Janet Charlton vs Dave Navarro take 3
September 14th, 2006 under Rock Star: Supernova. [ Comments: 1 ]

This morning they taped the finale of Rockstar Supernova and just as this site predicted, LUKAS is the winner! We’re doing our victory dance! We thank all the supportive readers who never doubted we were right. Now aren’t all you readers who vociferously scoffed at us a bit ashamed? Especially Dave Navarro, who insisted we were just guessing and attempted to belittle this site by saying we were "no Perez Hilton." We may not be Perez, but YOU Dave, are no Tommy Lee either! Sorry to rub it in, but we were 100% RIGHT, Dave, when we named the winner back on August 27. We realize CBS is not happy about the leak that the winner was actually chosen quite awhile back, and it may raise questions about how fair the contest really was. But that’s YOUR problem. We’re just here to inform our readers!

Janet Charlton

Well, it’s finally over… Lukas won! Good for him! I am looking forward to the tour with those guys in January and February. I know that it’s a little early to be talking about this for the West, but whatever… If you are reading this blog at all, you already know. Looks like this is the last time I will be mentioning this show until the tour, so I’d just like to say to those who made this their temporary home or hotel for the season, thank you for your comments, your support, your hating, for all of it. It’s been fun! Feel free to check in anytime. I gotta tell you… I think they made a great choice. You know, for me, it was always between Lukas and Dilana. I would have been happy with either, even though what I think is irrelevant. Here is the thing. If the band had chosen someone I didn’t like, I would have been cool with that too. I mean… It’s their band. I support the guys no matter what. They are, however, my friends, so I suppose it’s easier to support my friends. I guess what I’m getting at is that things are just different now. I am amazed at how angry and upset people get these days when artists make choices that they don’t agree with. Put it this way, when Robert Plant did "Tall Cool One", I didn’t love it, but I remained a fan of his. I certainly didn’t start talking shit about him. I guess I look at artists that bring my life joy and entertainment, whether I know them or not, as friends to an extent. Plus, all the contestants on this show got an amazing opportunity. To do what they love in front of millions twice a week and for some, perform their original works of music! Plus, a handful of them will be touring with all of us in the New Year. Not a bad deal. I know, people get connected to the artists that touch them and when they don’t get what the fans want for them it can hurt. I get that, so go ahead and rant if it makes you feel better. I don’t mind. That is what this site is for. For you. I, on the other hand, am going to go and hang with the guys, Lukas and the rest of the contestants at our wrap party. Oh yeah… Damn, I’m gonna have to ask that Janet Charlton for some lotto numbers! She IS good! HAHAHAHAHA!!!


Dave Navarro 2/Janet Charlton 1 – I will give her this one, but in all fairness. . .it was not that big of a scoop. We all knew, day one Lukas was going to win. I along with many other people called it.


INXS cancel European Tour
September 14th, 2006 under Rock Star: Supernova. [ Comments: none ]

Australian rock group INXS has cancelled its European tour because guitarist Tim Farriss needs to undergo knee surgery, the organiser of the concert in Denmark said on Thursday. Concerts in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and Spain have been cancelled, the dkbmotor agency said in a statement. The band’s agent would try to reschedule the concerts, dkbmotor said. "The fans out there know how much we were all looking forward to playing across Europe again and I honestly am gutted," dkbmotor quoted Farriss as saying. "The doc has said enough’s enough though, and has ordered me to undergo surgery in October." Farriss injured a knee ligament last week in Australia, the agency said. INXS was to have played on October 16 in Copenhagen.


I am shocked they are still touring.


Do you want to know who won Rock Star Supernova?
September 13th, 2006 under Rock Star: Supernova. [ Comments: none ]

Click on the logo to find out! I do not want to spoil it for people who do not want to know like I just did to my friend!  
All the rockers were there today except for Zayra Alvarez. The first single will be released tomorrow. The album drops November 21st with at least one original track from the winner. A second date was added in Vegas because the sales were so amazing! The official 3 month tour starts on January 16th with the house band. Two of the rockers including Storm Large have been confirmed to tour with the house band, and up to 5 more might also join the tour. 
It does not look like they will be touring under the name of Supernova. When they announced the winner they said he would be joining Tommy Lee, Gilby Clark and Jason Newsted. When I find out what there new names is I will let you know!
Tune in to CBS to watch the finale!

Will Rock Star Supernova tour under the name Supernova?
September 12th, 2006 under Rock Star: Supernova. [ Comments: none ]

So remember this story from about a month ago:


The members of Orange County, California, punk trio Supernova filed for a preliminary injunction Friday (August 11) in San Diego’s U.S. District Court against CBS Broadcasting, Mark Burnett Productions and Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke the three future members of the band searching for a lead singer on the show "Rock Star: Supernova" — which seeks to halt the act from performing or recording under the name "Supernova" if they fail to change or add any words to the moniker.The filing follows a suit the original Supernova — bassist Art Mitchell, drummer Dave Collins and guitarist Jodey Lawrence — filed against the show’s producers in late June, which alleged trademark infringement. That suit seeks a jury trial, as well as the destruction of all "labels, signs, prints, packages, wrappers, containers, advertisements, electronic media and other materials bearing the Supernova mark."


Well I am hearing that yesterday they had their day in court and the original Supernova won. So it will be interesting to see what name the Rock Star Supernova band will use for the tour? I am also hearing we might even get the new name as early as tomorrow?

What do you think would be a good name for them to use? I say Motley’s Metal Roses and Lukas!


Janet Charlton vs Dave Navarro take 2
September 12th, 2006 under Rock Star: Supernova. [ Comments: none ]

Judging by his past badmouthing of this site, Dave Navarro isn’t going to like the following piece of information ONE BIT. Despite Dave’s protestations, readers of this site already KNOW who the winner of Rockstar Supernova will be. We have another tidbit of incriminating evidence to reveal: Promotional photos have ALREADY BEEN TAKEN of the winner with his new band! Major gigs for the band are in the works – including what will be a highly publicized New Years Eve show. New readers might be advised to click here and visit the original item that started what we hear is a firestorm at CBS.

Janet Charlton 

Tonight is our second to last Rockstar episode… Tomorrow is the finale and then that’s it. This blog goes back to the way it was, I focus on music (after a week’s vacation somewhere), the photo exhibit, radio, The Product and touring. Tonight on the show, we hear the remaining four do a cover and their originals again. Also, the winner of the online vote for a return performance comes back to do a song. Pretty basic stuff. There is one bit of online speculation that is kind of fun to address, if nothing else. Once again it comes from Janet Charlton: "Judging by his past badmouthing of this site, Dave Navarro isn’t going to like the following piece of information ONE BIT. Despite Dave’s protestations, readers of this site already KNOW who the winner of Rockstar Supernova will be. We have another tidbit of incriminating evidence to reveal: Promotional photos have ALREADY BEEN TAKEN of the winner with his new band!" Oh, Janet… I never bad mouthed your site! However, when gossip bloggers become pseudo online celebs, it’s only obvious that they will wake up one morning in a glass house. I will give Janet this… She does have pictures of herself on her site and contact info. If a gossip columnist is willing to be that available, then they are in my book, a notch above all the others. In fact, I think that entertainment critics should be obligated to have their picture and a list of their top 5 favorite films, book and records made available. That way, we can decide if we even give a fuck where they are coming from. Anyway, back to the point. Janet says promotional pictures have been taken. In this digital age where we can crank out pictures in about 30 seconds and have them up and online in about 10, why would anyone even bother going through a charade such as that? In fact, what would be the point in scamming the public anyway? The Supernova guys have the final word either way. They can choose, three months ago or tomorrow and have the exact same outcome. Someone gets eliminated tomorrow and then we will have a final three, one of which Supernova chooses as their singer. At this point, I am over all the gossip, conspiracy and rumor surrounding the show. It’s just fun for me to watch and comment on from time to time. Think what you want to think. You think it’s fixed? Fine. You think certain contestants were misrepresented? OK. Awesome! After tonight’s episode, my ON AIR job is pretty much done. No more comments or critiquing to do. Tomorrow, I just kick it on the couch, watch it unfold just like the viewers at home and check out Supernova do some songs with their new singer. As far as speculations go, I still stand behind where I was a few days ago. I think that Lukas and Dilana have the best shots at winning this thing. I think they are both unique and edgy with killer voices and could both do the job extremely well. Even though Toby and Magni are arguably better singers in some ways, there are certain elements that I think they lack in order to fill the position. Frankly, to me, they are just less compelling to watch on stage. The good news is all of them are more than likely going to be on the tour in some capacity… Either as Supernova’s lead singer or performing with the House Band.

6767 (Thanks Becca)

So far Dave 2/Janet 0. I love how articulate he was with his answer! It does not matter who wins tomorrow in my eyes Dave Navarro is the true winner! You go boy!


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