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So who got the encore slot on Rock Star Supernova?
September 11th, 2006 under Rock Star: Supernova. [ Comments: none ]

Ryan Star’s MySpace (photo) 

I am so glad he got it! He so deserved it and he will have a huge career! 


Dave Navarro discusses the Rock Star Supernova Final Four
September 8th, 2006 under Rock Star: Supernova. [ Comments: none ]

So, it is Lukas, Toby, Dilana and Magni left on the show. Only two more tapings! Who will it be? Wow. Now that The Panic Channel is going out with Supernova, I all of a sudden have an invested interest. HAHAHA. NOW they tell me! Well, I don’t have a say either way, so I guess it won’t hurt for me to give my thoughts, but I’ll wait on that. At this point I’d rather watch the show on Sunday (Tuesday) and see what the final four bring us before I make my final assessment. They all have strengths and weaknesses. Toby has a great voice that is solid, but he doesn’t have the edge factor I would like to see. Lukas has a lot of edge, but vocally, I am not sure I would love hearing him for a whole two hour show. Magni is also way solid as a singer, but I worry about his command of the stage in terms of staying compelling for a whole set. Dilana has the voice and the edge down, but I worry that she lets the random temporary stuff effect her too much. Sure, she went through a tough time, but all entertainers do. She seems a little on ’tilt’ these days. If she is going to let what people say effect her so deeply, I will definitely recommend that she doesn’t start her own blog like this one! HAHAHAHA.


Wow, I can’t believe he doesn’t love Lukas. Maybe he is not the shoe in we all think. 


Ryan Star recorded with the Rock Star Supernova house band
September 6th, 2006 under Rock Star: Supernova. [ Comments: none ]

to my new extended family….So. Storm is gone. It is between me and her for the encore. Pump it out if you can. The rumors that multiple votes don’t count are wrong. I personally spoke to the show and got confirmation they count. So far the support has been insane but we all know Storm has a huge fan base so let’s not take any chances. Thank you so much. My new extended family. I love you all and your support means everything to me.

Exciting things happening. I recorded a live album today with the house band and it will probably come out next week. Moving quick for all of you so I can get on the road.

Love you all.

Ryan. (MSN Spaces)

I can’t wait to hear the song and I hope he gets the encore next week! So vote! 


6 letters for Rock Star Supernova’s Storm Large B-Y-E-B-Y-E
September 6th, 2006 under Rock Star: Supernova. [ Comments: none ]

I think it is BS she is out over Dilana, but I predicted she would be out tonight. . .so I am not that upset.  


Dave Navarro previews tomorrow’s Rock Star Supernova
September 4th, 2006 under Rock Star: Supernova. [ Comments: none ]

Tuesday is going to be a hell of a show. Everyone brought something special to their performances. You all know I have my favorites, but to be honest, at this point I don’t have a clue as to who is going to win this thing. Luckily, we will see yet another contestant up there with Supernova on Wednesday. We know what Dilana, Lukas and Toby feel like up there with those guys, but I’d like to see Storm and Magni up there too. It only seems like the fair way to gauge at this level. Everybody has proven that they can do cover songs really well. Song writing? Well, that is another issue entirely. There are five originals on the Tuesday show in addition to five covers. Basically, they do a two song set each. Although it is not my job to critique their song writing skills, I would have to say that there are some that are good, and some that are just kind of… "Eh." I’ll tell you this. No matter how good or bad a song is, The House Band makes them sound amazing, sonically. I mean, those guys are so damn good that they can take anything and make it sound rad. You guys be the judges of the originals. I was unimpressed with one in particular, impressed with others and actually blown away by one. All I can say without giving too much away is that as much as I liked Ryan, Supernova may have known what they were doing all along on the last elimination show. So, you have a 50/50 shot and figuring out what I’m getting at. It’s all good, though, Ryan has a huge following and like Zayra, hasn’t wasted any time getting going on his solo career. No doubt that The Dark Horse will ride again.

If you haven’t watched the online reality show I suggest you do. There is a lot of heat regarding Dilana’s "screw you to the fans" comment. I can’t figure out what she could have possibly meant. Part of me wants to think that she was referring to the haters online and that it accidentally came out wrong, but then again, that girl really need to learn to think before she opens her mouth. She does go on to say that she needs her fans later in the episode, so it is more than a little confusing in terms of where the hell she is coming from. Onstage I think she is amazing, but off stage, she has the potential to really piss off a lot of people. It seemed that she was redeeming herself from a couple of weeks ago, but I really think that she may have signed her own Supernova Death Certificate with this one. I am curious to see what happens because I have always wondered how much of an impact the online episodes have on the voting. Control-Alt-Delete.

Also, there is a new Supernova track in the reality show online. It is definitely my favorite of all the material we have heard from them. I am hoping they do that one on Wednesday. The guitar riff is pretty sick.


Someone needs to put Dilana in her place, but they won’t and she will make it to the finals.


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