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September 14th, 2006 under Rock Star: Supernova

This morning they taped the finale of Rockstar Supernova and just as this site predicted, LUKAS is the winner! We’re doing our victory dance! We thank all the supportive readers who never doubted we were right. Now aren’t all you readers who vociferously scoffed at us a bit ashamed? Especially Dave Navarro, who insisted we were just guessing and attempted to belittle this site by saying we were "no Perez Hilton." We may not be Perez, but YOU Dave, are no Tommy Lee either! Sorry to rub it in, but we were 100% RIGHT, Dave, when we named the winner back on August 27. We realize CBS is not happy about the leak that the winner was actually chosen quite awhile back, and it may raise questions about how fair the contest really was. But that’s YOUR problem. We’re just here to inform our readers!

Janet Charlton

Well, it’s finally over… Lukas won! Good for him! I am looking forward to the tour with those guys in January and February. I know that it’s a little early to be talking about this for the West, but whatever… If you are reading this blog at all, you already know. Looks like this is the last time I will be mentioning this show until the tour, so I’d just like to say to those who made this their temporary home or hotel for the season, thank you for your comments, your support, your hating, for all of it. It’s been fun! Feel free to check in anytime. I gotta tell you… I think they made a great choice. You know, for me, it was always between Lukas and Dilana. I would have been happy with either, even though what I think is irrelevant. Here is the thing. If the band had chosen someone I didn’t like, I would have been cool with that too. I mean… It’s their band. I support the guys no matter what. They are, however, my friends, so I suppose it’s easier to support my friends. I guess what I’m getting at is that things are just different now. I am amazed at how angry and upset people get these days when artists make choices that they don’t agree with. Put it this way, when Robert Plant did "Tall Cool One", I didn’t love it, but I remained a fan of his. I certainly didn’t start talking shit about him. I guess I look at artists that bring my life joy and entertainment, whether I know them or not, as friends to an extent. Plus, all the contestants on this show got an amazing opportunity. To do what they love in front of millions twice a week and for some, perform their original works of music! Plus, a handful of them will be touring with all of us in the New Year. Not a bad deal. I know, people get connected to the artists that touch them and when they don’t get what the fans want for them it can hurt. I get that, so go ahead and rant if it makes you feel better. I don’t mind. That is what this site is for. For you. I, on the other hand, am going to go and hang with the guys, Lukas and the rest of the contestants at our wrap party. Oh yeah… Damn, I’m gonna have to ask that Janet Charlton for some lotto numbers! She IS good! HAHAHAHAHA!!!


Dave Navarro 2/Janet Charlton 1 – I will give her this one, but in all fairness. . .it was not that big of a scoop. We all knew, day one Lukas was going to win. I along with many other people called it.


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