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The Good Times’ kids reunite for the 50th anniversary
February 8th, 2024 under 70s, Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

Fifty years ago today, we got to meet the Evans family for the first time. We watched them have Good Times and bad ones. And through it all, they remained a family.

That did not only pertain to the characters. It also relates to the actors.

Because of that, Ralph Carter (Michael), BernNadette Stanis (Thelma), and Jimmie “JJ” Walker got to celebrate their golden anniversary!

Damn! Damn! Damn! They all look dyn-o-mite!

I love it when casts remain friends like this! That is why I think their series still airs in syndication. We believed that they were a family because they really were one!


An 18 Again reunion with Jennifer Runyon and Charlie Schlatter!
October 24th, 2023 under Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1988, Jennifer Runyon and Charlie Schlatter played college students who had a crush on each other and eventually hook up after Schlatter gets his body back from his grandfather, George Burns.

That was then. But have you ever wondered if the two of them would’ve lasted? Well, now we get a glimpse of what would’ve happened if they did. That is because the two friends hung out this weekend, and we got this sweet photo where they declare their love for one another. Plus, don’t you love the way they haven’t aged? They got better looking with time.

Now, I want a sequel, 18 Again Again, where their grandchild switches bodies with Schlatter!

If you have never seen 18 Again, you can watch the endearing movie on Tubi for free. Seriously, who doesn’t love a George Burns movie?


A mini Gimme a Break reunion
June 26th, 2023 under Lara Jill Miller, Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

There are not a lot of positive things about the Writers Guild of America strike. However, there are a few good things, like cast reunions.

Here is my favorite, Gimme a Break’s Lara Jill Miller and Lauri Hendler met up to support the writers, and we got this most excellent photo.

Can you believe it has been 37 years since they played sisters on the sitcom? Because they still look like they did when we got to know them as Sam and Julie.

Heck, they look so great; I wish there was a way to do a sequel of the show. Because I could watch the original series over and over again. In fact, I am going to watch it on Tubi now.


A Modern Girls reunion
May 3rd, 2023 under Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1986, there was a little movie that came out called Modern Girls which starred Cynthia Gibb, Daphne Zuniga, and Virginia Madsen, about three roommates who just wanted to have a crazy night out. But the crazy they got was not the type they wanted.

Over the weekend, the three actresses got together to talk about their film at the New Bev. They were so happy to see each other. They continued their time outside of the movie theater.

And we got this photo of Gibb, 59, Zuniga, 60, and Madsen, 61, enjoying some more time together. They all look so great; maybe it is time their film got a sequel. It could be another night to remember! How like awesome would that be?

If you’ve never seen the film, then to watch the trailer click here!


The Valley Girl cast and crew reunited for the 40th anniversary
April 29th, 2023 under 80s, Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

Forty years ago today, a little movie came out called Valley Girl. And it created a movement around the country. Girls all over the U.S. started talking like actresses, shopping at malls, and hoping to date a punk like Nicolas Cage or Cameron Dye. It was like totally cool!

And you know what else is also totally cool is that several of the cast, musicians, and crew came out to Mann’s Chinese Theater to celebrate the milestone this week.

Here is come out to watch and talk about their film: Deborah Foreman “Julie”, E.G. Daily “Loryn”, Cameron Dye “Fred”, Heidi Holicker “Stacey”, Colleen Camp, “Sarah”, Lee Purcell “Beth”, Christopher Murphy, “Ralphie”, David Ensor, “Skip”, Joanne Baron “Prom Teacher”, Tony Plana “Low Rider”, Josie Cotton, Performer “Johnnie are you Queer”, “He Could be the One”, David Pahoa, Performer/Bass Player The Plimsouls; “A Million Miles Away”, “The Oldest Story in the World”, and “Everywhere at Once”. Lou Ramirez, Performer/Drummer The Plimsouls; “A Million Miles Away”, “The Oldest Story in the World”, “Everywhere at Once”, Tony Markes “Brad”, Camille Calvet “Allyson”, Gary Myrick, Musician “She Talks in Stereo”, “Time to Win”, and filmmakers Martha Coolidge, Director, Andy Lane, Writer/Producer, Eva Gardos, Editor, Scott Wilk, Music Composer.

Don’t they all look groovy to the max? So like, awesome!

Now, I am going to rewatch the movie and remember why I moved to the Valley when I moved to L.A. Yes, I saw that movie and said I wanted to be Valley Girl. And imagine how disappointed I was when no one talked like they did in the film. It wasn’t until my niece started school that she started talking like one, and I would imitate her. And she would get mad at me for doing so. But I like didn’t care. Because I was so happy to have someone to be all Valley with! Too bad she lost the accent, but I still have it.


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