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Johnny Cash is leaking or taking a leak?
May 18th, 2022 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

via KYC

Johnny Cash was born in Kingsland, Arkansas. So, to honor him, the town painted his silhouette holding a guitar on their water tower.

It was a lovely tribute until someone shot the Man in Black in a specific area of his body. And now it looks like he is pissing all over the place where he was born.

I don’t know who the marksman was, but my cowboy hat is off to him. Because this is hysterical. And I am going to love listening to all the news anchors who are going to struggle to keep a straight face while trying to read this story during the newscast.

And why can’t they use duct tape to cover the hole?


I guess they didn’t see the WKRP in Cincinnati Thanksgiving episode before this Easter Egg Drop
April 25th, 2022 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1978, WKRP in Cincinnati aired a memorable Thanksgiving episode that is still talked about and revered up until today. In the classic episode, Mr. Carlson hires a helicopter to drop live turkeys down on a mall full of people to take home for the holiday. Hilariously, as Carlson finds out too late, turkeys don’t fly, so the rest is comedic history.

You would think after all of these years, people would have learned it is not a good idea to drop fowl things out of a helicopter. But they didn’t.

This Easter, several cities, including Detroit, Austin, and Jacksonville, actually did just that. Thankfully, there were no injuries. But still, you think they would’ve learned things can go poorly in an instant.

Or maybe because I grew up with that WKRP episode, and I just picture people being hit by smelly, hard-boiled, colorful eggs as they flee from the scene of the crime. Since that didn’t happen, I will just have to watch this TikTok video that Kelly Mann posted and imagine that it did.

If Kenan or Mr. Mayor gets picked up for another season, I hope they do an episode based on this Easter Egg stunt. Could you picture Ted Danson throwing out raw eggs on the people of Los Angeles? That would be so awesome! NBC make it happen.


For some reason, people are not naming their daughters Karen
June 2nd, 2021 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the ’60s, Karen was one of the most popular names for baby girls. In 2020, Karen became a popular name for another reason. Because of that, parents are not naming their daughter that.

According to Today, only 325 little girls, who born last year, will be called Karen by their teachers. In half a century, the moniker went from #3 all the way down to 831. Ouch.

However, I won’t feel bad for all of the Karens in the World because my name is not even in the top 1,000 anymore. Can I go all Karen over that?


Would you serve pasta this way?
May 11th, 2021 under Odd. [ Comments: 1 ]

So you are having a party, and you want to serve pasta. But how are you going to serve it so that everyone can serve themselves and clean up will be easy? If you are Lisa, you just put all the ingredients on your kitchen counter and mix it all up. Then you let everyone take what they want and pray they are not klutzes. As we know, cleaning up marinara sauce is not fun nor easy.

Now, let’s go back to the preparation. Would you pour tomato sauce, meatballs, parmesan cheese, and spaghetti all over your counter and then mix it up? There is no way in hell I would do that. I wouldn’t even eat off of it. No. No. No. Did I say no?

If this didn’t gross you out enough, Lisa did this with other meals like nachos. I don’t know how that countertop is as white as it is with all of the messy food she puts on it.

While I would never do this, would you? I told my friends that they have been doing Thanksgiving all wrong, and they should do this, this year? Well, long story short, I need a new place to go to this November.


This lawyer got catty on Zoom
February 9th, 2021 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

Things got downright catty at 394th District Court of Texas today.

County attorney Rod Ponton sat at his secretary’s computer to use her Zoom for proceedings with Judge Roy Ferguson. However, there was a filer on her Zoom that made him look like a big-eyed white cat.

The 69-year-old lawyer did not know how to remove it, so he reassured the judge that, “I’m here live. I am not a cat.”

Even though he was willing to move forward as is, the judge was not. Therefore Ferguson told him how to remove the filter.

How did the judge feel about it all? He told Reuters it was a “fun moment.” Then he added, “Everyone involved handled it with dignity, and the filtered lawyer showed incredible grace.”

Personally, I think from now; all virtual proceedings should be done with filters. It would definitely make watching them more fun.


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