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The skies were smiling down
December 2nd, 2008 under Nice stories. [ Comments: none ]

If you look at these pictures from the AP, the skies were smiling down on you if you were in the Philippines and frowning down on you if you live in The US. But in all seriousness how pretty was the sky last night with Venus and Jupiter being visible like that! And how cool is it that it that moon and the 2 planets formed a happy face!!!

Bernie Mac visits his wife
November 12th, 2008 under Nice stories. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from WireImage)
Bernie Mac, who was taken away from us way too early in August, isn't ready to leave his wife just yet according to the National Enquirer and he is haunting his wife, Rhonda.

"I could smell his cologne," she recalled vividly, describing a "visitation."

"I inhaled and I said, 'You're here'. I was turning around and saying, 'Hey Bernard'.

"It stayed with me for about five minutes.

"I don't always feel him,' she admitted.

"But I think he comes when I really need him."

It is a story like this that makes me believe in soul mates. The Soul Man isn't going to let death separate from his wife. 


Chad Lowe, Rob Morrow and Fisher Stevens rescued in Aspen!
March 11th, 2007 under Nice stories. [ Comments: none ]

According to Townhall Chad Lowe, Rob Morrow and Fisher Stevens were all rescued after getting lost skiing on a mountain in Aspen. All the three were in Aspen for Celebrity Downhill, even if they couldn't find their way downhill. They were not the only ones lost on the mountain, Chad, Rob and Fisher found some other lost skiers who used their cell phones to call for help. The ski patrol found the lost skiers and helped them to find their way down back to safety. The trip took three hours because of heavy snow and dense fog. In the defense of the all the lost skiers, the Aspen Ski Patrol said even locals get lost up there. Rob Morrow had a good attitude about the whole thing, "It ended up being great because it was a good adventure." Thank g-d the three made it down safely. 


Suzanne Sommers’ wedding ring recovered in the ashes
February 19th, 2007 under Nice stories, Suzanne Somers. [ Comments: 2 ]

SUZANNE Somers, who just lost her entire house in that California fire, plans to rebuild. She and husband Alan Hamel have another home, fortunately, in Palm Springs where they’re living right now. The Hamels hired a professional sifter – and who knew there were such things – to paw through the ashes. He found her wedding ring. And it’s not large or flashy. It’s a small dainty one. She cried when he found it. Suzanne, who recently met a friend for lunch, wore a bright red jacket. "I don’t usually wear red. It’s simply not one of my colors," she said. "But I’m so grateful to just be alive that I’m wearing red."

Cindy Adams  (story) and SuzanneSommers (photo)

It is amazing how the little things can bring so much joy at such a horrible time.  


Single people are the majority in The USA!!!
October 18th, 2006 under Nice stories. [ Comments: none ]

And you thought you were the only one! The recent US census says that more households — 50.2 percent — in America are unmarried. This pleases us, for no good reason. Not that we’re bitter. But for so many years we single folk had to watch those smarmy happy couples walking around the city, holding hands. We imagined that we singles were the last hold-outs for marriage. Turns out the married couples are in the minority. OK, we only have a point-two percent advantage over the "marrieds," but it’s still something. Now we’re going to sit back and listen for what Pat Robertson will have to have to say about this. (It’s probably gonna be the gays, just wait….) In fact, perhaps more folks would want to get married if it was actually still about love, and not such a messy, exclusive privilege. Just thinking out loud this morning.

Bravo’s The Dish 

So if I am in the majority, why can’t find a guy?



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