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Christmas in Space!
December 26th, 2014 under NASA. [ Comments: none ]

Ever wonder if they do Christmas in space? Well thanks to the Astronauts on the International Space Station, we know that they do. Terry W Virts, Anton Shkaplerov and Samantha Cristoforetti shared some photos of themselves enjoying the holiday and I think we need to expand that saying Peace on Earth to Peace in the Universe. Especially if people from America, Russia and Italy can celebrate it joyously together up in Outer Space, why can’t we do it here down on Earth?


This is what getting a haircut in space looks like!
December 24th, 2014 under NASA. [ Comments: none ]

Ever wonder how Astronauts maintain their hair in Space? Well Terry W Virts revealed how they get haircuts on the International Space Station. They get Flowbeed. So I wonder what came first, the Flowbee or whatever that thing is called that they are using on ISS? Either way, how cool is it to be let in on this secret that is literally out of this world.


Maybe they need to call it Galaxy Cup?
June 26th, 2014 under NASA. [ Comments: none ]

The whole wide world is going crazy over football/soccer right now, and turns out the fandom has even reached outside of our world. That because the three astronauts stationed at the International Space Station are even going wild about the World Cup up there. So much so that ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst and NASA astronauts Reid Wiseman and Steve Swanson made this video honoring it over the weekend when they had some free time. If this video doesn’t bring a smile to your face, I don’t know what will.
Seriously, it’s shame we can’t have the Galaxy Cup instead of the World Cup because it looks so much more fun to play and watch in Outer Space. Imagine all the ways Beckham could bend it up there!


This Selfie is miles above any one you could ever take!
April 23rd, 2014 under NASA. [ Comments: none ]

People have thought that they have taken the coolest Selfie with the best background behind them, and they were all WRONG! NASA Astronaut Rick Mastracchio Tweeted this Selfie today outside the International Space Station during a Space Walk with the Earth behind him and what could be more awesome? You think you can top that? You can’t because this one is literally out of this World!!!
BTW Astronaut Mastracchio said that it was actually hard for him to take this Selfie because the Space Suit makes it difficult to get a clear view of his face. But he didn’t let that stop him and he took several pictures until he got this one. I am glad he kept trying because this is just so righteous!


This is how they run in space!
September 22nd, 2013 under NASA. [ Comments: none ]

Astronaut Karen Nyberg has shown us how they wash their hair in space and also how they go to the bathroom, and now she is showing us how they get the exercise up there. It is almost as much of a workout getting on the COLBERT (yes it’s names after that Stephen guy) Treadmill as it is actually running on it.
BTW the fact that she runs a half hour everyday in space, will now make me feel like crap if I sit on my a$$ all day down here on Earth.


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