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Tony Danza’s alter ego is a rapper named Italian Ice!
October 11th, 2018 under Michael Strahan, Taxi, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Tony Danza was on Good Morning America yesterday and Michael Strahan asked him if it is true he is a rapper. The actor, who is also a singer, shared with the hosts he has an alter ego named Italian Ice and then he showed off his rapping skills. You know what, he can give Childish Gambino a run for his money. That is if he can find a group of people who can clap on beat.

Another great reveal in this interview is Danza told them that one of his grandchildren thought he was in jail like his character on Netflix’s The Good Cop. The only crime he committed is by being so good on that police dramedy.


The View’s loss is Michael Strahan’s gain
July 23rd, 2018 under Michael Strahan, The View, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, there were rumors that Paula Farris left The View and looks like she is not the only one. Page Six is reporting that Sara Haines is giving up the talk show to host the third hour of Good Morning America with Michael Strahan at 1p that debuts in September.

Haines joined ABC in 2013 and The View in 2016 after several guest appearances.

Haines departure leaves Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain on the panel and I think that is just enough screaming head at the table. What about you?

UPDATE: GMA made the new official today. Haines wrote on social media, “Ahhhhhhhh!! Not even sure I can find the words to adequately express how excited I am to sit next to @michaelstrahan as we embark on this new journey at @GMA #GMADay…it is (and has been) a dream of mine for a LONG time. It’s bittersweet though as I leave @theviewabc, a place I have called home for the past couple years. A huge thank you to all the viewers and fans who have followed me along the way. I LOVE my View family, but don’t worry, my brand new *view* is literally down the street.”


Dwayne Johnson’s mom had a funny nickname for him
July 11th, 2018 under Michael Strahan, The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

Dwayne Johnson is a good son, so he took his mom with him when he was on Good Morning America yesterday. He quickly regretted that decision when Michael Strahan revealed that he knew what DJ’s nickname was as a kid. Mamma Rock called him dew drop as a baby, then doo doo and finally, now she calls him Dewy! The former wrestler actually blushed when all those names were revealed, which was sweet.

Talking about wrestling, as you know The Rock’s dad Rocky Johnson was a very famous one. But did you know that his father was one of the first celebrities to grant a Make-a-Wish back in 1983? That is a tradition DJ has continued and will continue to do as long as he can. On every movie set, he makes sure to dedicate one day to make those kids feel very special. Whatever they want, he gets them and they all have a day they will never forget. Which is what Make-a-Wish is all about.

That is not the only tradition that he does on every movie set. He also has a different scent for each movie that he works on. He does not remember what they all are, but each time it is something new. Wonder what he will wear to taunt Kevin Hart when they film Jumanji 2. Because you know he loves to torture his buddy and we love to watch it happen.


Roseanne says she begged for people’s jobs
May 31st, 2018 under Michael Strahan, Roseanne. [ Comments: none ]

Two days after ABC abruptly cancelled Roseanne over an abhorrent tweet by the show’s creator and star, the actress tweeted she tried to save the show and everyone’s jobs.

She wrote, “I begged Ben Sherwood at ABC 2 let me apologize & make amends. I begged them not to cancel the show. I told them I was willing to do anything & asked 4 help in making things right. I’d worked doing publicity4 them 4free for weeks, traveling, thru bronchitis. I begged4 ppls jobs. He said: what were you thinking when you did this? I said: I thought she was white, she looks like my family! He scoffed & said: ‘what u have done is egregious, and unforgivable.’ I begged 4 my crews jobs. Will I ever recover from this pain? omg.”

Sherwood has made a lot of bad decisions, how he handled Michael Strahan leaving Live, the Castle firings and getting rid of Paul Lee, but this was not one of them. I am sorry for all the people who lost their jobs. Roseanne was in the spotlight again and she should have been smarter with her tweets. But she has built a career getting away with stuff she should not have done, so what was going to stop her? I doubt even this will.

Although she might have learned a little lesson because she also tweeted, “I think I’ll b better tomorrow. The saddest part of all is 4 Jayden Rey on the show whom I grew2 love so much & am so ashamed of myself that she would ever think I do not love her bc she is African American. It’s the most gawd awful painful thing. I can’t let myself cave in tho.”

Words hurt and we all have to remember that the pen can be mightier than the sword. Or nowadays it would be the fingers are more deadly than an assault weapon.


The third hour of Good Morning America gobbles up The Chew
May 23rd, 2018 under Michael Strahan, TV News. [ Comments: 1 ]

Did you know that there is a daytime talk show on ABC called The Chew and it has been on for 7 years? Turns out there was one. I say was, because today it got cancelled to make room for a third hour of Good Morning America at 1p.

I think they are going to have to dump the word morning from the title since it is on in the afternoon. That is just one of the things we will be waiting to find out before the show debuts in September. The other thing they are still deciding on is who will host it. I betcha a penny Michael Strahan gets that hour along with someone new.

One thing ABC won’t be answering is who asked for it and why it’s airing 4 hours after GMA goes off the air for the day. Do we really want to have a cheesy news program with our lunches? I do not think so. What we need is a new soap opera, something they got rid of to make room for The Chew. Which they finally cancelled.


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