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Smell like Michael Jackson’s hair follicle DNA
November 28th, 2009 under Michael Jackson. [ Comments: 1 ]

Michael Jackson might not be with us anymore, but you can still smell like him according to The Sun. John Reznikoff has a collection of celebrity hair and now he is turning the DNA from the follicles into a perfume that you can wear with his company My DNA Fragrance.

“We use the genetic code to formulate the fragrance. If you are putting on MJ’s perfume it’s a unique fragrance to him.
“The biggest seller is Elvis, but MJ is selling very well too. It’s a powerful fragrance and there is no alcohol in it.
“We use aloe vera so it doesn’t evaporate into the air. It lasts the entire day and it’s good for the skin.
“We had the actor SAMUEL L JACKSON call up to get his own perfume made – it’s so unique and special that he wanted it.”

If you want to smell like Michael Jackson, it only costs $59.99 a bottle.
I have to say out of all the things that people have tried to make a buck off of from dead celebrities, this one weirds me out the most.


How to get your This Is It tickets!
September 24th, 2009 under Michael Jackson. [ Comments: none ]

Michael Jackson’s This Is It will be playing in the movie theaters for just 2 weeks starting on October 28th and who doesn’t want a ticket for to see it? So how do you get one? Well tickets will be available starting this Sunday (9/27) at Many of us would not have been able to go to London to see Michael Jackson do what would’ve been his final tour, but now thanks to Sony we will be able to get a glimpse of what could’ve been. So don’t wait to get your tickets before the showings start to sell out because you know they will, and get your tickets on Sunday to this is the must not miss movie that you have to see on the big screen.
BTW you can also be part of a really cool mosaic of Michael Jackson by submitting your photos to I love those mosaics and this would be a really neat one to be part of!!!


Michael Jackson’s death ruled a homicide
August 28th, 2009 under Michael Jackson. [ Comments: 1 ]

The Los Angeles Coroner’s Office has ruled that Michael Jackson death was ruled a homicide according to CNN.

“The drugs propofol and lorazepam were found to be the primary drugs responsible for Mr. Jackson’s death,” said a news release issued Friday by the coroner.
“Other drugs detected were: midazolam, diazepam, lidocaine and ephedrine.”

At this point it is not known if Dr. Conrad Murray will be charged, but with the ruling I think we might find out something really soon. It is so sad that Michael Jackson was taken away from us too early because of stupid drugs. It is so sad how accessible prescription drugs are to celebrities today and that there are doctors who are feeding it to them to the point of death. Really f*cking sad.


Paris Hilton is so full of herself
July 23rd, 2009 under Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton. [ Comments: 3 ]

(photo from Daily Mail)

Paris Hilton was promoting her documentary Paris, Not France and when Extra asked her about Michael Jackson she told them that Jacko named his daughter after her.

“My mom and Michael went to high school together and they were best friends since they were 13,” Paris explains. “So I grew up knowing Michael very well and when he had his daughter, he always loved the name Paris and grew up being an uncle to me. So he asked my mom if it was okay and of course she said yes and I think she’s such a beautiful little girl and I’m proud we have the same name.”

I would believe her more if she wasn’t promoting a documentary called Paris, not France. That and I could find pictures of her and the man she says that was like an uncle to her…or if she went to the memorial service…or if her mom or her spoke out before now. But that could just me, not believing anything she says. Do you think that Michael Jackson really named his only girl after her?


Being at the Michael Jackson Memorial was surreal
July 7th, 2009 under Michael Jackson. [ Comments: 3 ]

Last night my friend Manny, who had tickets for one of the O2 dates that was cancelled before he died, asked me if I wanted to go to the Michael Jackson Memorial with him and of course I said yes. I was thinking of walking over to Forrest Lawn to pay my respects since I didn't win the lottery, but I lucked out and was able to go to something that was really a once in a lifetime event and I am not taking it for granted. I can't begin to tell you how surreal it was. When they said they were opening up Staples Center to the public they weren't kidding. Our seats were in the VIP section, seats the average person who goes there doesn't get to sit in and they were amazing. After walking the length of Staples to get our seats we were amazed by our view, a view that helped us be part of this memorable event. And as we looked around we saw the place was full of people of all ages and races and that was just the type of artist that Michael Jackson was. Almost everyone loved him, admired him and enjoyed his music and the entertainer he was. You could feel the love in the audience as you were there. And you could feel it outside as you walked in to say goodbye. At around 10:10a Smokey Robinson read a statement from Nelson Mandela and then and the show stopped. Michael Jackson had arrived in a gold coffin. I am not sure if your televisions could capture the brightness of the gold that illuminated the inside of Staples. You know those movies were you see bricks of gold and just that new gold shine and color? Well that was this casket. It was the final resting home that he deserved. If it goes on display, I suggest seeing it in person because it is just that stunning. Now that Michael's brothers had helped bring him in to do his last show, it was time for the memorial to start. Mariah Carey walked out and sang his song and as we heard her voice was off. Mariah Carey later explained in a Tweet why that was, "Sorry that I wasn't able to pull it together and really do it right, but I was literally choked up when I saw him there in front of me." It was that powerful to have him there. And even though she was off she still sounded amazing.

Queen Latifah (I think she was late add) was up next and she was Queen, but it worked because she was a fan and you felt it. Then came Lionel Richie who I have to admit was OK. His voice was good, but I didn't like the song choice. I should mention that the audience remained quiet and talking was limited because you knew this wasn't the time nor place. It was just a respectful thing, but we applauded when it was needed and quiet just the same. In fact, I am not sure if you heard, but during breaks between artists people would scream, "I love you Michael." No matter where they sat in this huge venue you could hear them perfectly clearly.
Next up was Berry Gordy who told stories about the 10 year old kid that blew him away and became his adopted son. His speech was heartfelt and gave you insight to a Michael Jackson we never knew. Who knew he was a catcher for Team Jackson and that they were so good? After Berry they transitioned to Stevie Wonder with an amazing look at Michael Jackson's work. The audience was so transfixed on the huge screen showing the video that we didn't see them bring his piano in. I have never heard Stevie live before and all I can say is wow. His voice was beyond amazing and to hear him sing for a dear friend made it that much more emotional.

Next up were Lakers greats Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant who let us know that MJ liked KFC. How many people craved Kentucky Fried Chicken after that? From them they went to Jennifer Hudson. When I heard her name, I was like why and the second she opened her mouth I knew why. Holy sh!t her voice carried the whole place. No way her voice could ever translate the same way on the big or little screen like it does in person. Her voice gave you chills it is that powerful.

The next musician didn't sing but just played his guitar and that was John Mayer. He plays a mean guitar and it was just amazing to watch him do what he does best. I have been following his Tweets about MJ's death since it was announced, so I knew it was honor for him to be asked. His Tweets about being given such an opportunity were humble. John Mayer Tweeted, "I'm honored to have been asked to play at MJ's memorial service. I will be representing all of us who can't be there." and "I also want you to know that I'm going not to "perform" but to contribute… Proud to be a musician." And you can tell he was proud to be there and his contribution was done with love and you can feel and see it.

Brooke Shields was next and let me tell you can see her gorgeous features and her beauty from as far away as we were. Her speech was just as beautiful as her. There are several times I had tears come to my eyes as she told us about her friendship with him. As I looked around I was not the only one and several of the people around me has tears rolling down their faces listening to her reminisce. Her eulogy was the best from a non-family member to me.

Brooke told the story of how Michael's favorite song was Smile by Charlie Chaplin and then as she concluded her words, his brother Jermaine came out and sang that song. I am sure you were just as touched to hear that song after how Brooke explained his love for that song. Through the sadness it brought a smile to my face for a little bit.
Next up were some speakers that I have to admit I didn't know who they were until I read the live blogs. The thing that was nice about the memorial is that no one got introduced because this was not about being celebrity and that was good thing. Now back to the speakers, something I know you didn't see was a message that read on the teleprompter when one of them went too long. That message was "Please conclude your remarks." I won't say who it was, but that message flashed a few times and they kept going anyways.

Now it was time for Smokey Robinson, the man who was out sung by a 10 year old. Hearing him tell the story was great and how he still gets people asking him why he was doing MJ's song even thought it was really his own. After him was a kid that was barely older than Michael Jackson was when he sang Smokey's song. Let me tell you that little tiny boy can sing. I am so glad that Kenny Ortega explained why he was there because I couldn't understand why a contestant from Britain's Got Talent was there. But when he said it was because he was going to be part of the O2 shows it made sense. Kenny Ortega was producing those shows with Jacko before he met his maker.

The last musical number was stage full of people singing We Are the World and Heal the World and to think that the whole world was watching something that I was experiencing in person made me so honored to be there. It was a once in a lifetime event that celebrated a life that needed to be celebrated.
And now it was time for the people who knew him best to say goodbye…his family. His brothers spoke first and then as we all expected Janet Jackson to talk about her big bro she handed the mic over to her niece, his daughter. What Paris said in her little voice (that I never heard before) really made me cry like it did so many others. I was avoiding getting all choked up because I was wearing mascara, but how could you not. Men and women around me felt the same way and her impromptu words were heard the loudest and felt the most. May G-d give his children the strength to get through this.

As she was breaking her out hearts, I took some pictures to give you guys a perspective of what it was like being in a room with over 12,000 that loved Michael Jackson as much as me. (You can see more pictures that I took from the ever on my Flickr here and here. I know I am not the best photographer.)

And now the memorial was over and as we all filed out the mood was somber and controlled. I can't explain it, but you know when you walk out of a concert or a sporting event everyone is pumped. Well obviously we weren't. But it wasn't sadness, it was just appreciating to be part of a moment for a man that needed to be appreciated and he was worldwide.
As we left the dark venue and saw the sun you could see the media that was covering the event lined up behind the fans. And as you walked a little further past them to get to your car, you saw the huge cards that his fans were able to sign over the weekend to send their love. It was amazing to see all those signatures.

And now Manny and I headed home and remembered the man who was part of all of our lives and whose music made us Smile even though our hearts were aching.
So thank you Manny for asking me to go with you out of all the people you know and enjoy your trip to London even though you will not be able to see what you were suppose to.
Thank you to AEG, Ken Ehrlich and Kenny Ortega for putting together an event that was fit for the King of Pop. It was an event he would've loved. And at times I felt he was there singing along with all of us!
Thank you to the City of LA and the LA police department for making the whole getting there and leaving so organized and easy.
And most of all thank you to Michael Jackson for being the man and entertainer you were, you will live on through us and your children.


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