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Tom Ellis wrote a thank you song in honor of Netflix saving Lucifer!
June 16th, 2018 under Lucifer. [ Comments: none ]

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A month after Fox cancelled Lucifer, Netflix picked it up for a fourth season. Tom Ellis, who plays the title role, was so happy about the last minute save that he wrote a song and sang it to the beat of Mister Mister’s Broken Wings.

It is the enthusiasm of this cast for their show which got us fans to fight so hard to get it another season. Thankfully someone was willing to make a pact with the devil!


Lucifer rises from the hellfire and lands on Netflix!
June 15th, 2018 under Lucifer, Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

Fox made the ungodly decision to cancel Lucifer and today Netflix righted that wrong. That’s right, Netflix made a pact with the devil, literally!

Actually, now that I think about it, that could explain Netflix’s success? I wonder what else they signed away to the Devil because it is worth all of their sacrifices.

Seriously though, this fan is in heaven and cannot wait to see what is in store for season 4 after that devilishly good season finale and follow-up episodes that did not explain that plot twist. Plus, they can do things they could not do on Fox! I think there is a lot of good stuff to come and I am glad that Lucifer and his friends will live on.

On that note, here is what some of the cast had to say about the pickup! Tom Ellis or the demon himself wrote, “WE DID IT !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone for your continued support and love for #Lucifer I am so happy for all our fans I’m going to burst ✊😈❤️. #LuciferSeason4 on @Netflix wow that sounds nice. You fans made this happen. #LuciFansrock #Lucifersaved ✊😈.” Leslie-Ann Brandt wrote, “You fans are incredible. You did this. We are so happy to keep the family together. Lucifer on Netflix is back. Has a ring to it I say. Thank you @netflix and Thank you to each and everyone of you who fought like a demon!” Creator Joe Henderson added, “Thank you thank you THANK YOU to all the #Lucifer fans. You brought us back. YOU did this. So relax, take a breath, put some ice on those fingers that have been hashtagging up a storm… and get ready for more deviltime 😈.” And Aimee Garcia had to record a message for us fans!

This news really shocks because yesterday I gave up on the show being picked up and today it was saved. It is a miracle from, well not from the man above! Long live Lucifer!


Tell everyone you know to watch Lucifer’s bonus 2 episodes on May 28th
May 21st, 2018 under Lucifer. [ Comments: 1 ]

Next Monday is Memorial Day and Fox is giving us two bonus episodes of Lucifer as a memorial to the show that they wrongly cancelled.

Last season, Fox ordered too many episodes of Lucifer and carried them over for this season. Well, they still had too many episodes so they were going to carry them over to next season. The only problem is evil Fox cancelled the show. Now Fox has a conundrum, what do with them?

Well, they came to the conclusion to air them Monday, May 28th from 8-10p. Since you have the day off from school or work and you will be in a BBQ coma, the best thing to do is watch a show about really sexy Devil who helps to solve crimes. There is nothing else to watch that night and this show is worth saving. Lucifer saw an uptick in viewers in its season finale, and if we can do the same on the 28th then maybe Fox or someone else will renew it for a fourth season. Please, anyone, save our Lucifer.

We don’t know if the extra 2 episodes will give us any answers to the season finale, what we do is what they are about. Fox describes them as, “As Lucifer and the team investigate the murder of a child psychiatrist, Ella thinks about a big childhood secret that she’s been hiding. Then, in Part Two, which was directed by cast member Kevin Alejandro (Dan), an alternate dimension is visited where Lucifer not only has never met Chloe, but is granted the freedom of choice.”

Sounds like good Memorial Day watching to me, so watch or Lucifer will come after you. Who wants the devil going after them? I know I don’t.


Who got their lips all over Tom Ellis’ chest?
April 9th, 2018 under Lucifer. [ Comments: none ]

Tom Ellis stood proud with his shirt open wide. Not because his abs are banging, but because they were covered with lipstick marked lips. So who was kissing Lucifer’s chest? One of his co-stars. Not Lesley-Ann Brandt, Lauren German, Aimee Garcia, Tricia Helfer or Rachel Harris, but Kevin Alejandro. Which makes me have so many questions?

The only one I can understand is why. Alejandro is directing an upcoming episode and someone had to make that seduction look realistic. Who knows how to that best? The director of course. The great lengths they will go for their art!


Tonight’s Lucifer is the brothers of all of episode!
February 5th, 2018 under Lucifer. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight’s Lucifer at 8p on Fox is all about brothers.

Did you know that Lopez (Aimee Garcia) has a brother? She does and he goes missing tonight. When she can’t find him, she goes to Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) to help her find him. When they go to where he might have been, they find a dead body and it is not her brother. If it is not him, then where is he? Did he kill this man? The two of them will work together to solve this mystery of the diamond thief.

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Decker (Lauren German) have their own theories and they are quite engaging. Well they pretend to be getting engaged to find out more about the crime.

Lucifer also goes to his brother, Amenadiel (DB Woodside) to help him with ending Cain’s (Tom Welling) immortality. Amenadiel is not a fan of Cain and feels his father punished him for a reason. When Cain and Amenadiel finally meet, it is hate at first sight. The two get into a fight that only an angel and the world’s first murderer, who murdered his brother, could get into together. Will the two of them ever see eye to eye? Or will Amenadiel’s feeling towards Cain ruin his relationship with his brother?

There are a lot of different pairings on tonight’s episode and I like the change up. I think that Maze and Lopez should get their own bounty hunter spinoff, Maze Ways!


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