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LeAnn Rimes can talk again
December 20th, 2022 under LeAnn Rimes. [ Comments: none ]

About two weeks ago, LeAnn Rimes announced that she was canceling a few concerts because she had a bleed on her vocal chord. As a result, the doctor put her on vocal rest for the foreseeable future.

Today, she gave an update, and the doctor cleared her to talk again. However, she got used to text to talk app and doesn’t want to give it up.

I am the complete opposite; I would rather have something type my thoughts out for me.

Back to the singer. I am happy she is getting better. Hopefully, she will be cleared to sing again soon.


LeAnn Rimes postpones two shows due to a bleed on her vocal chord
December 7th, 2022 under LeAnn Rimes. [ Comments: none ]

LeAnn Rimes announced today that it breaks her heart, but she has to postpone this weekend’s shows in Iowa and Nashville.

“While sick with the flu, My doctor discovered a bleed on my vocal chord, caused by the violent cough that came along with being sick. I am getting better, but I am unable to talk or sing… doctor’s orders” the singer wrote. “I am devastated to have to do this as there was nothing more that I was looking forward to than Celebrating the holidays with you.”

Joy: The Holiday Tour is expected to resume next weekend. Hopefully, she will be better by then.


LeAnn Rimes can still fit in her Coyote Ugly outfit
August 26th, 2022 under LeAnn Rimes. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 2000, LeAnn Rimes was all about singing Can’t Fight the Moonlight for the Coyote Ugly soundtrack. She even shot a music video for it, wearing a cute halter top and skin-tight pants

Now, 22 years later, the singer is putting on that cute little outfit again to dance on a table with Ava Max to her song Million Dollar Baby.

I think Rimes looks better now in it than she did then. I need to know her secret!


LeAnn Rimes goes all Coyote Ugly to Lizzo
May 23rd, 2022 under LeAnn Rimes, Lizzo. [ Comments: none ]

LeAnn Rimes is the latest celebrity to dance to Lizzo’s About Damn Time, and she went old school to do it. As in, she got up on the counter Coyote Ugly style as she shook her fat bitch lust, or as Lizzo sings, “fabulous.”

Seriously, who knew that the Country singer could move like that? I didn’t, and I am happy I know that now.

However, that is not the best part of this video. The guy sitting there totally ignoring her shenanigans is the best part.


LeAnn Rimes gets starstruck at the doctor’s office
March 3rd, 2022 under LeAnn Rimes. [ Comments: none ]

LeAnn Rimes went to the doctor’s office, and she left crying. Not because she got bad news, but because she got to meet one of her idols.


I always love when celebs get starstruck because it makes us like them.


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