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How did Kaley Cuoco celebrate her SAG Awards loss?
April 5th, 2021 under Kaley Cuoco. [ Comments: none ]

Kaley Cuoco has had a busy awards season because she has been nominated three times for her role in The Flight Attendant. However, a win has yet to take flight for her. That is because her statuettes keep going up Schitt’s Creek.

So how did she celebrate her charm of a loss? The actress watched the sitcom she keeps losing to. Watching that series will make anyone feel better. Even someone who keeps losing to them.

Then again, she is probably relaxed because she just got some cupping done.


BWTF: Kaley Cuoco on Ellen
March 1st, 2021 under Before They Were Famous, Ellen DeGeneres, Kaley Cuoco. [ Comments: none ]

Before Kaley Cuoco was being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres, she played a younger version of her on Ellen. How cute was the 10-year-old in that 1996 episode?


Kaley Cuoco shows us why virtual awards show are better
March 1st, 2021 under Kaley Cuoco. [ Comments: none ]

Kaley Cuoco was nominated for Best Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes, but she didn’t win Schitt. Instead of having to stay for the rest of the show, and go to all the parties before being able to go home and cry. She was already home and got to drown her sorrows in pizza, mac & cheese, cake, and champagne in her Oscar de la Rente gown while sitting on the floor. Something her character in The Flight Attendant would so do. Well, almost, there would’ve been a lot more alcohol if she was really taking on Cassie Bowden’s persona.


Kaley Cuoco jumping rope
September 8th, 2020 under Kaley Cuoco. [ Comments: none ]

It is a slow day, so here is Kaley Cuoco jumping rope. That is exciting as it gets today, so enjoy it.

Although, I have to admit, it almost motivates me to do it. However, my neighbor will be like are we having small quakes, so I won’t do it for her sake.


Kaley Cuoco is training her husband, and he is such a good boy!
May 18th, 2020 under Kaley Cuoco. [ Comments: none ]

Kaley Cuoco is used to training her dogs. Now, that she is living with her husband, Karl Cook, the actress decided she needs to train him too.

Her first lesson is to teach him patience. How did he do, when she asked him not to drink a glass of bourbon while she was out of the room. As tempted as he was, he didn’t do. Therefore, he gets a treat. Yes, he does. Will it be doggie style or reverse cowgirl, since he is a professional horse rider. Giddy up!


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