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Daniel Craig makes a beautiful Bond Girl!
March 8th, 2011 under James Bond, Judi Dench. [ Comments: none ]

Today is THE 100th Anniversary of International Woman’s Day and to honor it Dame Judi Dench and Daniel Craig shot the above PSA for Equals?. James Bond wanted to show how equal, but yet how not equal men and women are today, a century later. Even though he became a Bond girl, I think the co-stars got their point across.
Happy International Women’s Day!


At 73 Dame Judi Dench still has it!
December 19th, 2007 under Admirable People, Judi Dench. [ Comments: 1 ]

Seriously how amazing does Dame Judi Dench look for 73! I didn't realize she was in her 70's I thought she was so much younger! You go girl! 

Dame Judi Dench will not be going to the Oscars?
February 19th, 2007 under Judi Dench, Oscars. [ Comments: none ]

This year’s Oscar ceremony will see three of Britain’s finest leading ladies compete to win the statuette for Best Actress. But while Dame Helen Mirren, nominated for her role in The Queen, and Kate Winslet, for her performance in Little Children, have both spoken of their excitement at attending the most prestigious award ceremony in film, on February 25, Dame Judi Dench will be unable to attend due to poor health. But the 72-year-old, who famously won an Oscar in 1999 for her eight-minute performance as Queen Elizabeth I in Shakespeare In Love, is scheduled to have an important knee operation at the end of this month and has told friends it will coincide with the most important date in the film industry’s calender. ‘Judi has had this knee injury for a while and finally decided to do something about it,’ says a friend. ‘It has to be carried out by a specialist at a certain time. Even if they bring the operation forward, she is going to need some recovery time.’ Dame Judi has suffered from the knee problem for a number of years and has told friends that the pain is unbearable – she once described it as ‘bone on bone’. ‘She feels she would be jeopardising her health if she were to miss the operation for the sake of going to the Oscars,’says a chum. ‘She wants to go but Judi has been to the Oscars before and doesn’t care about the glitz and the glam of it all.’ However, sources insist Judi’s insouciant approach to the ceremony also lies in her belief there is no point attending as Helen Mirren is tipped to win. ‘Judi said in a recent interview that she didn’t give ‘two hoots’ that Helen had been nominated, but really she thinks it has ruled out any chance of her walking away with a gong,’ continues a friend. ‘Helen has already won the Golden Globe for best actress and that’s usually a good indicator of who will go on to win an Oscar.’

Daily Mail 

Every interview I have seen with Dame Judi Dench she always comes off so classy and real, that I don’t believe she would not go to Oscars because she doesn’t have a chance in winning. I hope her knee surgery goes well and she is back on her feet in no time.


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