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Drake Bell and Josh Peck are hanging out again!
September 1st, 2017 under Josh Peck. [ Comments: none ]

Drake Bell and Josh Peck got a lot of attention recently when the latter did not invite the former one to his July wedding and the uninvited guest dissed his former co-star about it on social media. It looked like their friendship was over over wedding bells, disappointing all the Drake & Josh fans.

But then this weekend, the two hugged it out at the VMAs and they cannot top hanging out together. In fact, there are two new videos of their reconciliation on YouTube. Which makes me think that someone is going to offer them a revival show before we know it. Especially since Peck’s video is trending at #1 on YouTube as I post his. There obviously still is interest in the two if them.

Would you tune in again to watch their crazy escapades?


Josh Peck and Drake Bell hug and make up
August 28th, 2017 under Josh Peck. [ Comments: none ]

Back in June, Josh Peck got married and did not invite his co-star Drake Bell to the wedding. It seemed like the two had such a huge falling out that nothing would bring them back together. That was until yesterday’s VMA when two of them were reunited and Bell says it “and it feels so good!!”

So good, I would not be surprised if they pitched a revival of Drake & Josh and it got picked up. Would you watch it?


Who knew Josh Peck had that body?
August 21st, 2017 under Josh Peck. [ Comments: none ]

Remember when Josh Peck used to be a little chunky? That was a long time ago because look at him now! Gone is the chubby kid from Drake & Josh and hello is Mr Sexy!

Seriously, who would ever think he once weighed 290 pounds, but he said he did. What is his secret? He says he never skips a leg day! And that is why we want them wrapped around us. Too bad he is already married.


Maybe it is a good thing that Grandfathered got cancelled?
August 22nd, 2016 under Full House, Josh Peck. [ Comments: 6 ]

A video posted by Josh Peck (@shuapeck) on

John Stamos and Josh Peck not only shared the small screen together in their cancelled too soon sitcom Grandfathered, but they also share the same birthday. Therefore, the TV father and son, decided to celebrate it together by doing a road trip. Now that they are officially a year older, they are also a little bit more grumpier. Case in point, when Peck decided to sing the Full House theme, Stamos had some words for him. They were not you are a great singer, instead he said, “Shut up! Shut the f*ck up!”
Even though I was sad to see this comedy go, it might’ve been for the best. Imagine what it would be like if these two had to work together 5 days a week for almost half a year. Actually that would make a really good behind the scenes movie for Lifetime! I take back what I said, it was not for the best.


Has Josh Peck hit hard times?
July 6th, 2016 under Hard times, Josh Peck. [ Comments: none ]

Josh Peck was seen carrying 4 boxes of pizza looking like a delivery boy, so has the actor hit hard times? Even though he is out of work because Grandfathered was cancelled, he is just enjoying some vacation time until he gets his next job. Which might be a pizza delivery boy because he looks like a natural. Just joking!


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