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Jordan Klepper says you can never prepare enough for Conservative events
April 19th, 2022 under Jordan Klepper, Seth Meyers. [ Comments: none ]

Jordan Klepper has covered Trump Rallys, CPAC, anti-vax protests, and so on. The Daily Show reporter goes there to interview Conservatives to find out their thoughts on the day of issues. What he hears from them is beyond shocking. Yet, he always seems prepared for their answers, no matter how out there they are.

Yesterday when he was on Late Night, he told Seth Meyers that he and his producers can never prepare enough. That is because they will say things that none of his research has covered. That is when his improv training comes in to help him through those interviews.

Does he understand why they show up for these events? Klepper said they are looking for a community, and they find one there. Aren’t we all looking for one?

And are they looking out for him? Klepper said that they were seeking him out for Selfies at CPAC. He is now one of them. So, they will still be doing interviews with him when he shows up. However, now they know why he is there, and they don’t care.

However, we care what he finds out because you never ever know what they are going to say.



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