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John Goodman was in rehab
October 18th, 2007 under John Goodman, Rehab. [ Comments: 1 ]

(photo from ONTD
Actor John Goodman was in rehab for undisclosed reasons according to AP. He issued this statement, "For my family and myself, I voluntarily took the necessary steps to remain sober the rest of my life." Goodman was in Promises, the same rehab facility that Britney Spears was in. Hopefully John Goodman will have better results. 

Is John Goodman losing weight?
August 16th, 2007 under John Goodman, Roseanne. [ Comments: 1 ]

I don't know if it is the angle of the camera, but he seriously looks like he lost a lot weight! Way to go John, keep it up!!!
Now just like the extra pounds, that mustache needs to go! 

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