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What happened to Jim Carrey?
April 18th, 2017 under Jim Carrey. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember the last time I saw Jim Carrey. Well over the weekend, he resurfaced on Twitter and it doesn’t look like he has shaved since the last time we saw him. That doesn’t seem to be the only thing he hasn’t done since then.

Someone buy a razor and a comb because I want to see the hot Ace Ventura Pet Detective again! It’s not that he looks awful, he just doesn’t look like he used to look.


What if Dumb & Dumber was an Independent Drama?
January 18th, 2016 under Jim Carrey. [ Comments: none ]

Dumb & Dumber is one of the funniest movies of the ’90s, but what if it were a drama about man finding himself on the road with his best friend as they try to find the woman he loves? It is a much different movie, and I am glad that Mashable Watercooler came up with it. I almost want to go and see it.


It’s Hugh Jackman vs Jim Carrey
August 20th, 2015 under Hugh Jackman, Jim Carrey, Uncategorized. [ Comments: 1 ]

A video posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

Two days ago, Hugh Jackman went on to Dubsmash and did his best Jim Carrey imitation from The Mask. Well, I guess that Carrey didn’t find it smokin’ because he transformed his look by putting on his best Wolverine mask. Along with the photo he said, “Nice move @RealHughJackman Now watch me make a meal out of your biggest role. ;^>”
So whose imitation do you find delectable and which one left a bad taste in your mouth? I say it is a tie. So here’s to hoping Ace Ventura and Wolverine find a way to battle it out with masks and claws.



Jim Carrey and his woody!
November 20th, 2014 under Jim Carrey. [ Comments: none ]

Jim Carrey is promoting Dumb & Dumber To around the world, but Dumb or is it Dumber isn’t able to tour with him. Since Jeff Bridges is tied up, Lloyd Christmas brought a Harry Dunne puppet with him to help him deal with the press.
I guess they have grown rather close because here is the two of them sleeping together in London after a long day of press. How sweet is this photo?
BTW I would be afraid to stick my hand up that doll’s butt because we know what came out of it in the first movie…


Jim Carrey gave free bowl cuts!
November 14th, 2014 under Jim Carrey, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

Jim Carrey was on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday. Before he started his interview on the ABC late night show, he gave a man and a woman his Dumber and Dumber Lloyd Bowl Cut on Hollywood Blvd. The first one turned out better than the second one, but he definitely left his mark on her head.
You know if this acting thing doesn’t work out for him, I don’t think he has a future as a barber. Do you?


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