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Jeff Dye is a human Elf on the Shelf
December 27th, 2015 under Jeff Dye. [ Comments: none ]

While most people placed their Elf on the Shelves all over their house for their kids to enjoy, Jeff Dye dressed up as one. Not only did he do that, he also posed like the ones that were already out. Only thing is that when you touch him, it brings him joy and doesn’t take away from it. So make sure to touch him!


Ayyyy! Jeff Dye has come a long way!
September 2nd, 2015 under Henry Winkler, Jeff Dye. [ Comments: none ]

Jeff Dye has been in the business for less than a decade and he has come a long way, baby! He went from being a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2008 to being a contestant on this summer’s I Can Do That for them and now he’s traveling Asia with 4 legends in the sports and TV world with the Peacock network. He is currently in Thailand with Terry Bradshaw, George Foreman, William Shatner and Henry Winkler filming the docuseries Better Late Than Never.
Now that might not sound like he has come a long way, but these photos that he shared from his past today proves it. When he was in Wisconsin, he posed with the statue of The Fonz there and now he is posing with the real thing. And his excitement in both photos just brings a smile to my face, and I figured it would do the same to yours.
I can’t wait for Better Late Than Never to debut on NBC because if that picture is any hint what it is going to be like, it is going to be the best thing on television this season!


Jeff Dye shares the most honest Selfie!
August 21st, 2015 under Jeff Dye. [ Comments: none ]

Jeff Dye is over in Asia filming NBC’s Better Late Than Never. Even though he is busy working on the comedic docuseries, he still has time to take a Selfie. Several studies say that people who are constantly taking Selfies are narcissist, so it makes sense that he is a reading a magazine called that with him on the cover.
Personally as accurate it is, I am surprised he is on the cover over a Kardashian. They should be all over it, in every edition.


Jeff Dye’s TMI
August 7th, 2015 under Jeff Dye, TMI. [ Comments: none ]

We found out there are a lot of things that Jeff Dye can do on I Can Do That, and now we are learning something he can’t do. He can’t take a poopie if he eats whole cheese wheel of brie. Things we could’ve gone without knowing. I wonder what we will find out about him on his upcoming reality show Better Late Than Never. Or maybe we don’t want to know.


Is this how Jeff Dye plans on winning Better Late Than Never?
June 16th, 2015 under Better Late Than Never, Jeff Dye, William Shatner. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, NBC announced their new reality show Better Late Than Never; and even though show doesn’t start filming for two months, the contestants are already conspiring against each other.
The comedic adventure reality show is sending William Shatner, Henry Winkler, George Foreman, Terry Bradshaw and Jeff Dye to the Orient and NBC is making them fend for themselves. Now that the news is out, the contestants are talking to each other on Twitter about it.
The Shat Tweeted to the comedian, “Is that an attempt to form an alliance so we don’t vote you off the continent? What are the rules? Are there any? 😘”
To which the contestant of I Can Do That told him, “@WilliamShatner the only rules I live by is ‘always have fun’, never trust ‘Gorn’, and ‘voodoo is real'” along with a photo of Dye holding a Captain Kirk doll and a screwdriver. The other three should be afraid because there’s a Fonz doll, a collectable figure of the football legend and toy versions of the George Foreman grill, so Dye can use his voodoo magic on those items too.
Good thing Shatner asked the others to form an alliance with him against Dye, so maybe they will make it back to America unharmed.
That is if there are any rules?
If this is what Better Late Than Never is going to be like, then the earlier this show can debut the better!


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