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James Wolk adds to his Zoo
June 19th, 2019 under James Wolk. [ Comments: none ]

Tell Me a Story. James Wolk met Elizabeth Jae Lynch and they fell in love. Four years ago they made that love official and got married. In January 2017, they welcomed a baby who they call Charlie. They didn’t want their son to be alone, so they tenderly gave him the sweet gift of a baby sister recently.

Now James, Elizabeth, Charlie and Lucy Kate will live happily ever after. Or at least until their children become preteens. Then all bets are off.


James Wolk is expanding his Zoo
January 29th, 2019 under James Wolk. [ Comments: none ]

As if James Wolk and his wife, Elizabeth, are not Crazy Ones already with their son Charlie, almost 2, they are expecting their second child together. The star announced the happy news by posting a silhouette photo of the three of them and wrote, “Adding on.”

During the day, he will be starring in Tell Me a Story, at night he will be telling his kids a story.

No word when he and his wife of 3 years will be welcoming the new addition, but she looks way into her second trimester.


James Wolk is the father of his first crazy one!
January 31st, 2017 under Babies, James Wolk. [ Comments: none ]

James Wolk and his wife, Elizabeth Jae Byrd, welcomed their first child together a boy named Charlie. The Zoo actor did not say when he was born, but the newborn is definitely a beautiful bouncing baby boy. And you can already tell that even though they have only known each other for just a few hours, they are already so much in love! Hopefully their dog Flea will feel the same way.


Has James Wolk hit hard times?
September 1st, 2016 under Hard times, James Wolk. [ Comments: none ]

A video posted by James Wolk (@jameswolk) on

James Wolk’s CBS show Zoo was recently renewed for a third season, but yet the actor was seen working as a shoe salesman. Has he hit hard times? Nope, he was just helping out at his family’s new store Sundance Shoes in Birmingham, Michigan.
I don’t know about, but I would let him measure my feet because there is nothing sexier than a man putting on a woman’s shoe!


Was working with a bear too much for James Wolk to bear on Zoo?
August 4th, 2015 under CBS, James Wolk. [ Comments: none ]

James Wolk has worked with real live lions and tigers on CBS’s Zoo and tonight at 9p he works with with his hardest animal yet.
When I recently asked him at the CBS Studios Summer Press Day which animal he was scared to work with most, without hesitation he told me, “The bear, an 800 pound brown Kodiak bear.“ He explained, “We were about three inches away from a brown 800 pound Kodiak bear. So even with precautions, even with the trainers and the safety and all of that, it is still a bear. You still have that feeling of your heart beating and your palms sweating and rightfully so.” If you are that close to bear, you can smell it. He described the odor as, “They have a very particular smell. It is a smell that I have never smelled before because I have never been that close to a bear before. But it is a very specific.”
So if you are going to work that closely with live animals, what warning is given to the actors by the trainers? He revealed that they each had their different mandates, “For bears, it was don’t look them in the eye. For horses, it is like get close to them, get comfortable with them, so that they are comfortable with you.” Then he added, “I feel fortunate because I wouldn’t be that close to this animals in real life if it wasn’t for the show.”
Tune in tonight to watch him and the other actors work with a real live bear and see if you can notice the terror in their eyes.


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