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Scott Baio talks about the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation
May 31st, 2009 under Interviews, Scott Baio. [ Comments: none ]

Today in LA, Scott Baio and his wife Renee’ held a Celebrity Baby Yard Sale for the charity that they started in honor of their awwwwdorable daughter Bailey. Their first event was a huge success and Scott Baio took the time to tell me about the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation! How amazing is it what Renee’ and him are doing because of what they went through and survived? And their little Angel is doing great!
The work that they are doing for getting the word out there about organic acidemia metabolic disorders like GA-1 and the importance of expanded newborn screening and its availability and necessity for every newborn is just so admirable.
At the Yard Sale they had lots of great items for babies and their mothers! There were tons of clothes donated from different stores, The Baios and Larry Birkhead all at reasonable prices. There were also lots of toys, picture frames, a hand-carved highchair and baby must haves that were also donated. In fact I got an awesome purse for cheap! There was also a table of lots of great items that were donated and signed by celebrities like Dennis Quaid’s twins’s toys and more, signed photos from the Gilles Marini, a guitar signed by Toby Keith and his band, an egg that Bailey found at the Easter Playboy Mansion egg hunt that was signed by Hugh Hefner, a signed script from The Closer and so much more that will be going up on eBay. Renee’ will keep me updated when that will happen and I will let you know when you can bid on those items and so much more to help out BBAF!!!
The event was such a blast and so much fun! Here are some photos from the Celebrity Baby Yard Sale.


Cameron Richardson talks about Harper’s Island!!!
April 16th, 2009 under CBS, Interviews. [ Comments: 2 ]

Cameron Richardson plays “The Flirt” on the groundbreaking hit CBS show Harper’s Island! She might look familiar to a lot you from when she was on another haunting show Fox’s Point Pleasant. But I remember her most from another Fox show when she guest starred as a teenage supermodel who was the perfect woman…a man.
Now Cameron can be seen every Thursday on CBS at 10p, that is unless her character gets killed off before the season finale in July. Recently I talked to her on the CBS Radford lot and we talked about her future with the show, but for some reason she wasn’t very forthcoming with that information! But what she talk about is her relationship with her on-screen relationship Adam Campbell, who as you saw last week on the show is trying to propose to her.
When Harper’s Island ends in July all the actors will be out of work, but she told me about her upcoming movie Women in Trouble which recently debuted at SXSW. By the way she described it, I can’t wait to see it! She is already filming her next project Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel which will be out this Christmas.
But before Christmas tune in to CBS tonight at 10p to see if she will make it to next week’s episode! Seriously how awesome is this show! I can’t wait tosee who makes it next week, but I am more excited to see who doesn’t and how!


Matt Barr talks about Harper’s Island
April 6th, 2009 under CBS, Interviews. [ Comments: none ]

CBS’s ground breaking show Harper’s Island premieres on Thursday after CSI at 10p, and the sexy “bad boy” Matt Barr told me about his character that might be (the cast and crew are sworn to secrecy to who lives, dies and who is the murderer) one of the few left standing by the end of the 13 episodes. Yes you read that right, think like most of your reality shows on TV where one person is left standing well that is the same for Harper’s Island…sort of. You see instead of voting someone off each week, at least one person will get killed off instead. After interviewing Matt Barr, I hope he is one of the last few standing!!!
Matt Barr might look most familiar to most people cause he played Peyton’s “brother” who was really an obsessed fan stalking her on One Tree Hill and last week he was amazing in his depiction of Puck in MTV’s Pedro. Coming up on Thursday you can see him as Sully The Best Man! Sully is a womanizer who is all about the bachelor party and let’s hope unlike your average horror movie the eternal Frat Boy actually makes it the end!
Whether he makes it to the end or not, next season will consist of a whole new cast…so what might he be doing next? Well he just finished filming the Gossip Girl spinoff pilot with Brittany Snow and Andrew McCarthy. Barr is playing Keith van der Woodsen who is rumored to be Serena’s dad and he gave me a preview about what we can expect from the show that The CW better pick up for next season!!! Because I know I just can’t get enough of Matt Barr, what about you guys?
Seriously how adorable was he in that interview? So make sure to check him out every Thursday (hopefully) on CBS at 10p!!!


David Faustino talks Star-ving!!!
January 19th, 2009 under David Faustino/ Corin Nemec, Interviews. [ Comments: none ]

David Faustino aka Bud Bundy launched the hysterical Star-ving on last week and I was dying to know more about more about the webseries that had me LOLing several times! So I figured why not go to the source himself to find out more and he was kind enough to answer my questions!!! His answers are just as funny as Star-ving!!!

Seriously? OMG! WTF? – How did Star-ving come about?
David Faustino – “Star-ving” came about from my writing partners (Todd Bringewatt, Sam Kass and Corin Nemec) and I, working on several ideas, some of which were in the “very close” stage, some we were still in the baby stages with, however, we were all a bit frustrated with our careers and just how long everything takes to get done in this town… So we basically just decided to write about ourselves and center the story around mine and Corin’s life. We obviously exaggerate the sh!t out of a lot of it and really crank the volume up to 11. It’s ’a curb your enthusiasm meets the anti-Entourage…on acid.

SOW – What can my readers expect from the webseries?
DF – Whew! What can’t they expect? They can expect first and foremost, laughs. They can also expect higher quality product because we had a much bigger budget to work with than almost anything that’s made for the web. They can also expect guest stars, hot girls, nudity; male and female, drugs, porn, little people, retarded people, and all around craziness. It’s not for people who are easily offended. We don’t push the envelope; we shred it.

SOW – How did you get so many actors like your Married With Children alumni, Gilbert Gottfried and Ed Asner to be part of the series?
DF – First and foremost we got these great guest stars because they liked what they read on paper; it made them laugh. Also, I called in a lot of favors from friends and acquaintances. They were all working for a tiny fraction of what they’re used to making, so I am really grateful to have gotten them. And to get the whole MWC cast on the same day in the same place was no small feat. They were all so helpful. And in my opinion, they are all brilliant in what they do on this show! I couldn’t be happier with their performances.

SOW – How did the partnership between Corin Nemec and you start with these webseries? And why does everyone hate him in your webseries? LOL!
DF – Corin and I have been friends for years, since back in the day when we were both at FOX. And as a side note Sony Pictures Television owned both shows as well, and now they own “Star-ving”, so it’s kind of come full circle for us in a way. Hmmm, ‘why does everyone hate Corin within the show?’ I guess cuz it’s just funnier than them all liking him. Right?

SOW – Have Corin and you used any of the tips you learned when you did Neil Strauss’ webseries on MySpace?
DF – I’d be lying if I said I never used any of it…

SOW – What was it like doing the Married With Children reunion webisode? Do you think we might get a real one soon?
DF -That’s a good question. I know that there’s been talk about it for years, but nothing’s ever come of it. Maybe they’ll make one with a different cast one day, and throw us cameo bones… (that’s where the idea for the “married…with children THE MOVIE” episode on “Star-ving” came from)

SOW – Who came up with the idea to cast Seth Green?
DF -That was me on this one. We have always been mistaken for each other, basically, for our entire career, because of our height, age and we’re both known for being funny, so… I thought it would be funny if they cast Seth in the role of Bud Bundy behind my back, and let comedy ensue… I had just finished an episode of “Robot Chicken” and decided Seth owed me one, lol… he was friggin’ GREAT in the episode… wait till you see it!

SOW – What else do you have coming up?
DF – Have a film called “Busted” coming out with Charlie Murphy and David Alan Grier. Also, a film being released on DVD I think this month called “High Hopes” with Jason Mewes, Corin, Danny Trejo, Andy Dick and a bunch of others… Also, looking forward to another season of “Star-ving”. Thanks for checking it out.

I can’t wait to see the married…with children THE MOVIE webisode along with all the others! Seriously guys you so have check out Star-ving, I promise you will be laughing your a$$ off especially with some of the a$$es you see in the webisodes along with the brilliant writing and comedic acting!
You can watch the first three webisodes now on Crackle and there will be a new one every Friday! Oh and did I mention the next one stars his TV sister Christina Applegate aka Kelly Bundy!!! What more do you need? They have nudity, laughs, wrongness, David Faustino and Corin Nemec!!! So go check it out now!
Thank you so much to David Faustino for taking the time to answer my questions!!!


Boston Legal EP Bill D’Elia talks about the finale
December 8th, 2008 under Boston Legal, Interviews, James Spader. [ Comments: 1 ]

Tonight at 9p on ABC we will be saying goodbye to Boston Legal. But before the final credits roll at 10:59p one of the guys in those guys in the credits took the time answer my questions about this fabulous show. Bill D’Elia, who is an Executive Producer and Director on the show, was kind enough to tell me about his experiences on the multiple Emmy winning show. D’Elia has directed on such shows like David E Kelley’s Picket Fences, Ally McBeal and The Practice, and The West Wing and he also co-created and wrote for Judging Amy before becoming the Executive Producer on Boston Legal.
Here what he told me about the show:

Seriously? OMG! WTF: How did you get started with David E Kelley?
Bill D’Elia: I first worked as a director on “Picket Fences”. Then I directed a couole of episodes of “Chicago Hope” before David asked me to come on that show as an Executive Producer/Director.

SOW: You have worked on a lot of legal dramas, did you want to be a lawyer?
BD: I had no ambition to enter the practice of law, but love to argue a point. My brother is an attorney so maybe there is something there in the bloodline.

SOW: What is your fondest memory from Boston Legal?
BD: My fondest memory will always be that first balcony scene. I built that set simply because I thought Denny should have a balcony. I never imagined that it would turn out to be the iconic image for the show. Craziest? The first time we broke the fourth wall I remember thinking “How are we going to get away with this?”

BD: SOW: What was it like directing the cast of characters that made up Boston Legal?
BD: It was simply terrific.

SOW: The chemistry between William Shatner and James Spader is some of the best ever in TV history, what were they like when the camera wasn’t rolling?
BD: They got along quite well and became friends. Their conversations in between takes on the balcony were sometimes as interesting as what we aired. It was a privilege to direct them.

SOW: What was the craziest thing you had to direct on the show? Because there have been some way out there antics on the show like Denny and his gun!!!
BD: Frankly the craziest thing I had to direct on the show was the scene where Denny and Alan first express their love for each other. Bill and James were so amazing in their approach to the material that a scene that could have been quite strange became extremely touching.

SOW: Will viewers be satisfied with the finale?
BD: I certainly hope so and think so. I was!!

SOW: What was the set like on the last few days of taping?
BD: Bittersweet.

SOW: What and/or who will you miss most from the show?
BD: The daily problems and figuring them out. I will miss the little things.

SOW: What are going to do now that your days at The Practice and Boston Legal are over?
BD: Take a long nap, and figure it out when I wake up. I have several TV and film projects in the works.

SOW: Do you think will be the last we will see from the Crane, Poole and Schmidt offices?
I’m afraid so. Thankfully there will be DVD’s of all 5 seasons.

Thank you so much to Bill D’Elia for taking the time to answer my questions about his show that I will fondly remember! Also thanks to Lisa for setting up the interview!!!
Please tune into Boston Legal on ABC tonight at 9p for the two hour sendoff, if the show goes out with a big bang it is big old FU to ABC! And ABC needs as many FUs as possible!!!


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