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Kevin Hart got horny in this Conan outtake!
January 14th, 2016 under Conan O'Brien, Ice Cube, Kevin Hart. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube joined Conan O’Brien as the late host taught one of his staff members how to drive. Tonight on his TBS show, he showed some outtakes from that lesson and Hart couldn’t keep his hand off the horn. He thinks if you beep a song that the person your honking at will fear you. No, we are thinking what an idiot you are and this is why there is a road rage!
Diana, don’t listen to these guys. If someone cuts you off, give him the pinky and not the middle finger. That is your way of telling him you know he has a small peepee! That is what I do.


Conan, Ice Cube & Kevin Hart get high teaching someone how to drive!
January 5th, 2016 under Conan O'Brien, Ice Cube, Kevin Hart. [ Comments: none ]

One of Conan O’Brien’s employees is getting ready to get her driver’s license, so the TBS late night host thought he would prepare Diana Chang for her road test. He didn’t teach her the basics, instead he taught her defensive driving like how to curse out someone who cut you off. Since she wasn’t comprehending how to do it, he brought in two people to Ride Along with them. That’s right, he gave a lyft to Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. If anyone could school her on road rage, it is them. Granted first sound of a siren and they are out of there.
After telling off a few drivers, they asked where they could score some marijuana. Once they knew where to go, Diana put the pedal to the metal. As soon as they got to the dispensary, they stocked up. What do you if you have a lot of pot? You smoke it. With Conan behind the wheel, that is exactly what Diana and Cube did in the backseat as Hart laughed uncontrollably with his contact high in the front seat. Now would his contact high save their a$$es when they got pulled over by the POPO? You just have to watch this highlarious remote to find out.
Did Diana get her license? I don’t know if she would want to drive after that traumatizing experience. I know I wouldn’t.


Kevin Hart and Ice Cube have a ride along with E.T.!
December 30th, 2015 under Ice Cube, Kevin Hart. [ Comments: none ]

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are on a promotional tour for their movie Ride Along 2, and the two of them stopped by Universal Studios Orlando. While they were there, they posed with one of the studio’s biggest stars E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. What we got is that we are able to phone home about this awesome photo.
They say a picture can speak a thousand words, and this one certainly does that.


Do you want to ride along with Ride Along 2?
November 30th, 2015 under Ice Cube, Kevin Hart. [ Comments: none ]

There’s a new trailer out for Ride Along 2 and I wasn’t sold on the sequel until the final scene in it. I loved when Ice Cube used Kevin Hart as a bulletproof shield. I don’t know why, it just made me laugh hysterically. Hysterically enough to see the movie on January 15th? Probably not because I didn’t get through the first one. What about you?


Does the Barbershop: The Next Cut trailer make the cut?
November 24th, 2015 under Ice Cube. [ Comments: none ]

The first trailer is out for Barbershop: The Next Cut and the long awaited sequel looks like it will be equal parts laughs and heart. There is something about Ice Cube movies that makes them a cut above the rest. Especially if he is surrounded by a cast that plays off of him like they do in the Barbershop movies.
Will you be making appointment to see this movie on April 15th or just like Tax Day, you will be dreading it?


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