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Is Heather Graham really 47 years old?
July 25th, 2017 under Are they really their age?, Heather Graham. [ Comments: none ]

Heather Graham shared a full body Selfie of herself in a bikini and she looks even better now in that little amount of fabric than she did when she was in Boogie Nights 20 years ago. Showing all the ladies and gentlemen in the world that women do get better with age. She might have starred in From Hell, but she has a bod from heaven!


Heather Graham goes dark
July 12th, 2017 under Heather Graham. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since Heather Graham was a child actor, she has been a natural blonde. Now that she is playing Judalon Smyth in the limited series Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders, she needed to become a brunette.

It is amazing how much the darker locks bring out her big green eyes. But then again, she can work any hair color and style. She seriously only gets better with age.


Is Heather Graham really 47?
June 21st, 2017 under Are they really their age?, Heather Graham. [ Comments: none ]

Heather Graham’s driver’s license might say that she is 47 years old, but she still looks just like she did when she starred in License to Drive back in 1988. Especially in this photo of her wearing a bikini on a beach. That is not the body of a woman who is less three years away from turning the Big 5-0. I want to know her secret because she keeps getting better with age.


BTWF ads: Benicio Del Toro and Heather Graham for Calvin Klein
May 26th, 2014 under Before They Were Famous, Heather Graham. [ Comments: 1 ]

Before Benicio Del Toro and Heather Graham were our obsessions, they were doing an ad for Calvin Klein’s Obsession. The 21 year old actor and 18 year old actress look the same now as they did in 1988.


Heather Graham drills David Duchovny
June 13th, 2013 under Heather Graham, Showtime. [ Comments: none ]

Heather Graham Tweeted this picture and said “On set at #californication. I play a dental hygenist and I clean Double D’s teeth. Would you trust me with a drill?” By the looks of Hank Moody’s face, I don’t think he does.
BTW how come Duchovny got that nickname instead of her?


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