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Frankie Muniz has a thing for women’s underwear?
June 4th, 2011 under 80s, Frankie Muniz. [ Comments: none ]

Frankie Muniz went to the Melanie Segal’s Red Cross Prepare LA Trend Lounge In Celebration Of The MTV Movie Awards yesterday and the Malcolm in the Middle star seems to have a great appreciation for something women like to wear on the middle of their bodies. Agent Cody Banks was caught spying on a thong at the event, and after the way he is playing with it I really hope they gave them panties to take home with him. You know because I can’t think of lady who would want to wear them after the way he is handling them. Well that is unless he was there teenage crush and that is the closest they will ever get to getting him go down them???


BTWF roles: Frankie Muniz on Spin City
January 7th, 2010 under Before They Were Famous, Frankie Muniz. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 3:30in)

Before Frankie Muniz was Malcolm in the Middle, he was the center of attention on Spin City. Frankie Muniz looks exactly the same now as he did when he was 12 in that 1998 episode…except that he is a little taller.


Malcolm (with only hair) in the Middle
March 3rd, 2007 under Bad Hair, Frankie Muniz. [ Comments: none ]

I hope that Frankie Muniz got that mohawk for a movie because that just looks horrible. I can't blame for hiding his face, I mean wouldn't you with that haircut?   

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