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Jean Smart reveals she underwent a ‘successful heart procedure’
February 23rd, 2023 under Designing Women. [ Comments: none ]

Jean Smart was smart about her health, and because of that, she is recuperating from a heart procedure.

“February is American Heart Month—a time when the nation spotlights heart health, so it feels important to share with all of you that I am recovering from a recent, successful heart procedure,” the actress wrote. “I am fortunate to have excellent professional care and support from family and friends while I continue to recuperate. Please listen to your body and talk to your doctor- I’m very glad I did!”

As are we because she is a national treasure and needs to be protected at all costs.

Smart was filming the third season of Hacks when all of this happened. So, production on the Emmy-winning series is on hiatus until March 12th so that she can get better, according to Deadline.

Hopefully, she will feel better soon!


BTWF: Annie Potts in Black Market Baby
January 13th, 2022 under Before They Were Famous, Designing Women. [ Comments: none ]

Before Annie Potts was a memaw on Young Sheldon, she was unmarried and pregnant in Black Market Baby. How beautiful was the 24-year-old in that 1977 telemovie?


Is Annie Potts really 68?
June 29th, 2021 under Are they really their age?, Designing Women. [ Comments: none ]

Annie Potts is on vacation in the Caribbean. The Designing Women star had her eyes on enjoying the beautiful water there in a bikini. Now, everyone has eyes on her.

Can you believe that she is 68 years young? She might play a MeeMaw on Young Sheldon, but she definitely doesn’t look like one when the sitcom isn’t filming. Simply gorgeous.


BTWF: Annie Potts in Family
May 21st, 2021 under Before They Were Famous, Designing Women. [ Comments: none ]

Before Annie Potts was a designer on Designing Women, she was a rock star on Family. How gorgeous the 25-year-old in that 1978 episode?


Remember Delta Burke?
February 7th, 2020 under Designing Women, Remember?. [ Comments: none ]

This weekend, Delta Burke and her husband Gerald McRaney came out to sign autographs at The Hollywood Show, and they are such a sweet-looking couple. Can you believe how much in love they look after 30 years of marriage? Especially in a time when most couples cannot even make it to 30 months.

It has been a minute since we have seen Suzanne Sugarbaker, and the 63-year-old actress is still just as beautiful as she was on Designing Women. So much so, I hope a Hollywood producer thinks about giving her a show. Television has not been as sassy since she has not been on it. We need her back on the boob tube!


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