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Is Annie Potts really 68?
June 29th, 2021 under Are they really their age?, Designing Women. [ Comments: none ]

Annie Potts is on vacation in the Caribbean. The Designing Women star had her eyes on enjoying the beautiful water there in a bikini. Now, everyone has eyes on her.

Can you believe that she is 68 years young? She might play a MeeMaw on Young Sheldon, but she definitely doesn’t look like one when the sitcom isn’t filming. Simply gorgeous.


BTWF: Annie Potts in Family
May 21st, 2021 under Before They Were Famous, Designing Women. [ Comments: none ]

Before Annie Potts was a designer on Designing Women, she was a rock star on Family. How gorgeous the 25-year-old in that 1978 episode?


Remember Delta Burke?
February 7th, 2020 under Designing Women, Remember?. [ Comments: none ]

This weekend, Delta Burke and her husband Gerald McRaney came out to sign autographs at The Hollywood Show, and they are such a sweet-looking couple. Can you believe how much in love they look after 30 years of marriage? Especially in a time when most couples cannot even make it to 30 months.

It has been a minute since we have seen Suzanne Sugarbaker, and the 63-year-old actress is still just as beautiful as she was on Designing Women. So much so, I hope a Hollywood producer thinks about giving her a show. Television has not been as sassy since she has not been on it. We need her back on the boob tube!


BTWF: Annie Potts in Corvette Summer
December 6th, 2019 under Before They Were Famous, Designing Women. [ Comments: none ]

Before Annie Potts was the spunky lady in Pretty in Pink, she was cool chick in Corvette Summer. How gorgeous was the 24-year-old in that 1978 movie?


Jean Smart was offered a lap dance from a 50-year-old female stripper
November 15th, 2019 under Designing Women, Seth Meyers. [ Comments: none ]

On Designing Women, Jean Smart’s character did a lot of interesting things in Atlanta. However, the most interesting thing she did in that city, the actress did in her real life.

She told Seth Meyers on Late Night that her Watchmen co-star Tim Blake Nelson invited her to the Clermont Lounge in Atlanta. A strip club where the dancers are more mature as in their 60’s and 70’s.

All of a sudden one of the younger strippers, in her 50’s, asked her she wanted “a dance.” She did not reveal if she said yes, but it is a night she will never forget. Especially when a drunk man knocked her off of her barstool.

Out of all of the things I did not do when I lived in Atlanta, this is the only thing I regret not experiencing.

One last note, how amazing would it be if they did a Golden Girls like sitcom and based it on the Clermont Lounge?


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