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Rescue Me ends as brilliantly as when it began
September 7th, 2011 under Denis Leary. [ Comments: 1 ]

Ever since I saw the first episode of Rescue Me, I said to myself this is one of the most mind blowing things to ever happen to television. Tonight at 10p on FX the show says goodbye, and it ends just as it began in so many ways.
I do not want to spoil tonight’s finale because it is so poignant you have to watch and breathe in every second as it happens. The first few minutes had me going through tissues like crazy as we find out what happens after last week’s nail biting final few minutes. And even though I went through a box of tissues during the episode, there was a scene that only this show could do that had me peeing in my pants.
To give you a hint how f*cking amazing and awesome this episode is, my dad called me when I had two minutes left to watch of the show and he heard me crying hysterically. I said to him I will call him back because I am watching the best series finale that has ever graced the air waves. He told me to tell him when it is on because he wants to watch it. I said, “have you ever seen Rescue Me?” and he said “no, but he would watch because if I am saying it is that f*cking fantastic he will want to watch it.” So if you are like me or you are like my dad make sure to watch 120 of the best minutes to ever happen to television.
Thank you to Denis Leary and Peter Tolan for creating this realistic and important show that gave me so many laughs and tears! I will never forget the penis measuring episode, it was my favorite Rescue Me episode until the final two.
To quote a singer from Jersey, Rescue Me goes out in a Blaze of Glory!!!


It’s time for a Gavin wedding on Rescue Me!
August 31st, 2011 under Denis Leary. [ Comments: none ]

The moment we have been waiting for all season on Rescue Me happens tonight on FX at 10p and you are not going to want to miss Colleen and Shawn’s wedding! While her parents try to prevent her big day from being destroyed in a typical Gavin family fashion, it ain’t going to happen. Watch how the perfect day gets ruined over and over and over again, but the day will be saved by a very special moment you will never see coming.
Once the wedding is over, the final moments of the second to last episode of the show sets up what is going to happen in the beyond powerful series finale.
Get your tissues ready because you will be crying tears of joys for Colleen and Shawn, tears of laughter for what happens during their wedding and tears of sadness but you have to watch to see why.
This show is going out with a gigantic bang, so watch one of the very last episodes of one of the greatest written, acted and produced shows ever!
BTW I am so happy that the show didn’t end with the nuptials and ends the way it does. But I will tell you about that next week.


Denis Leary has a major “oh sh!t, he didn’t” moment and will be saying Rescue Me tonight!
July 20th, 2011 under Denis Leary. [ Comments: none ]

Tommy Gavin has had a lot of moments where he has said Rescue Me and most of them have been while he is fighting fires. Well tonight on FX at 10p he says something that will have him needing to be rescued from his big mouth. He will say something that will have you saying, “Oh sh!t” in slow motion. Once he says what he says, you totally know what is going to happen next to him and you can’t wait to watch it happen. You almost feel bad for him, but he is such a schmuck, that you just can’t.
Also on tonight’s show Maura Tierney returns t0 begis an arc that is very close to her heart. She will be playing a breast cancer patient and Tommy will be there support her. Over the next few episodes she will give an amazing performance doing something where life imitates art and she will wow you.
In a few weeks when Rescue Me airs its final episode, I will be crying like a baby. Not because of whatever ending they come up with, but because one of the greatest shows on TV has come to an end.


Rescue Me’s flame starts to go out tonight!
July 13th, 2011 under Denis Leary. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight’s season premiere of Rescue Me on FX at 10p is bittersweet. I am so happy that the show is finally back, but I am sad because it is the last season premiere because this is the final season.
Rescue Me has been one of the best written and acted shows on television and tonight it has one upped itself. The show starts off with a pregnancy and an engagement and those events will change everyone’s lives. The Gavin Family has come up with another original way to combat their alcoholism, but in true Gavin way it will fail big time. While things are heating up all around in their personal lives, the one place it hasn’t is via fires and that has the firehouse going crazy with nothing to do.
Being the 9 final episodes of the show, some faces you didn’t expect to return will be back because Tommy Gavin has a way of making that work out. It is good to see them back on the show even it is one of their last appearances.
I am truly sad to see this show go, but I know it will go out in the best way possible. So whether you have watched the show from day one or this will be the first time you have ever watched it, make sure to add it to your viewing pleasure tonight and every Wednesday at 10p because you will be as enamored with this show as I am.


The many faces of Denis Leary
January 11th, 2011 under Denis Leary. [ Comments: none ]

Denis Leary attended the Edwin Booth Lifetime Achievement Award Honoring Kevin Spacey and the comedian made a lot of funny faces for the camera. Even in pictures the Rescue Me star makes me laugh. There is just something about him that is so funny to me!


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